Dawn of a New Era

In a few days, the Christian world will celebrate Easter—a
holiday signifying the rise of Lord Christ from the dead, three days after his
capture, torture, and crucifixion. His ordeal is a story of faith, love,
sacrifice, redemption, and humility. It is also a story of a loving God that
has continuously sent his prophets, messengers, and guides to enlighten and
guide humanity. A day or so ago, spring commenced in the northern hemisphere,
ushering in the rebirth of nature and the return of beauty, warmth, and color.
Also, on March 23, Daheshists throughout the world will celebrate the birth of
Daheshism—a Spiritual Holy Mission that descended on earth on March 23, 1942, ushering in a dawn of a new era.


Daheshism is a glitter of light and hope to guide humanity
through a very difficult period, where many individuals had abandoned the
belief in a Creator in favor of an evolutionary process, yet not a single
individual is able to explain the creation of something from nothing in direct
violation of the laws of physics. If life is truly an existence stemming out of
a biological/evolutionary process, where life ends at death with no
consequences for committing good or evil deeds, then I am one of those that
believe that life is not worth living. Unfortunately, humanity is sinking
deeper and deeper into an increasingly mechanized world with little regards to
Spiritual Direction.


Daheshism quenches the thirst of those who seek Spiritual
knowledge and at the same time those who seek scientific knowledge. These forms
of knowledge are not mutually exclusive. Rather, they are both aspects of a
Grand Truth that only a very small number of individuals comprehend and
Daheshism provides this knowledge to anyone who is eager to comprehend this


Mounir Murad

March 22, 2013

On the 103rd Birthday Anniversary of Our Beloved

It was June 1st, 1909, when our Beloved descended from his Paradisiacal World to our evil-laden Earth in order to enlighten humanity and to direct mankind towards justice, freedom, love, and righteousness. To us, it was a glorious day and God’s gift to humanity, however, to our Beloved, it meant years and years of agony, pain, and suffering by living a human life that is way too foreign from the life he was living in his Paradisiacal abode, nonetheless, he had a Mission to deliver and, as a result, he had to suffer.

His descent was anticipated and prophesied in the Holy Bible and the Holy Qur’an. His message is that of love, compassion, and Spiritual enlightenment—characteristic of the Greatest Power in the universe before God, namely, that of Christ. But his message is also a warning of the impending destruction of the earth to fulfill certain prophecies, such as this one: “The Lord is going to devastate the earth and leave it desolate. He will twist the earth’s surface and scatter its people. Everyone will meet the same fate—the priests and the people, slaves and masters, buyers and sellers, lenders and borrowers, rich and poor. The earth will lie shattered and ruined. The Lord has spoken and it will be done. The earth dries up and withers; the whole world grows weak; both earth and sky decay. The people have defiled the earth by breaking God’s laws and by violating the covenant he made to last for ever. So God has pronounced a curse on the earth. Its people are paying for what they have done.” (Isaiah 24:1-6)

On June 1st of every year, Daheshists around the world celebrate his birth and honor his memory. However, any individual that considers himself/herself a Daheshist, carry along with this label the great responsibility of learning and sharing this Spiritual “Truth” with fellow human beings. Spiritual awareness imposes such responsibilities on our shoulders, and it would be a shame if we allow this opportunity to attain Spiritual elevation pass us by.

Daheshism Celebrates its 70th Anniversary

On March 23, 1942, Heavens provided humanity with the most precious of gifts, namely, Spiritual enlightenment. Spiritually speaking, it is akin to the end of the dark ages and the beginning of renaissance. Is this metaphor an exaggeration? On the contrary, it is a grave understatement. The last of the major religions to provide us with Spiritual truths was established in the 7th Century AD. Take time to ponder the behavior of people and you’ll notice that there are many individuals who are interpreting literally their holy books, and if it is up to them, they will institute draconian laws to regulate everyone’s life; some still believe that Creation took place less than 10,000 years ago and regardless of what science says; some individuals are so turned-off by religion that they have resorted to Atheism; then there are those who have gone to extremes by extrapolating and fabricating “truths” to suit their needs, thereby creating their own religions/cults; some are happy-go-lucky when it comes to religion, and if religion is likened to a garment, they would wear it or take it off when their needs dictate, but not out of faith.

Through Daheshism, Heavens provided humanity with much needed answers to certain questions pertaining to: Creation, Heaven and Hell, the purpose behind our existence, the purpose behind the creation of the Universe, our relationship with each other, with other living entities on Earth, or with respect to the rest of the Universe; the reasons behind human conditions—wars, drought, famine, poverty, diseases, disparity in income, intellect, or abilities; and why all religions emanated from the same source. Such information goes a long way to Spiritually enlighten each one of us in order to make this world a much better place and to elevate our Souls. Whether we like or not, there are prophecies that must be fulfilled with respect to the fate of humanity. Although the fate of humanity is sealed, the timing is not. Also, the fate of any one individual is not sealed in this fate. What we do as human beings can hasten or delay the process, so we are on borrowed time and time is fleeting. As a Daheshist, I urge fellow human beings to open their hearts and minds to the new “truths” that Daheshism provides—especially as it nears the publication of the “Book of Daheshism.”

Mounir Murad

March 22, 2012



There is a form of Darkness that hangs over the Earth! A darkness that cannot be lifted even by the intensity of a thousand suns, because this is not a physical darkness, rather, it is the darkness of the human soul. The archrival of this darkness is the Divine Light emanating from the Spiritual Realm that seeks it and mandates its destruction.

In 1942, darkness peaked at a time when human hatred and greed ran amok. Brutality drove millions to their deathbeds, civilizations lost their civility, religious groups failed miserably in controlling their followers, and cries of the wretched reached the heavens.

Such was the backdrop when Divine Light shone upon us on March 23, 1942 to announce its presence and to warn the human soul: either submit to the commands of the Creator and enjoy His eternal bliss or sink deeper into the abyss of darkness! The announcement already reached a select few, but has yet to spread globally pending the completion of the delivery vehicle—The Daheshist Faith as explained in the Book of Daheshism.

The Divine Light seeks the illumination of our souls at a time when humanity is faced with dwindling natural resources, overpopulation, and severe weather conditions due to global warming. Also, at a time when many scientists had renounced the existence of a Creator and many individuals measured their greatness, not by their ability to comprehend Spiritual Truths, but rather, by the size of their amassed physical assets.

As we celebrate Daheshism’s 69th anniversary, we beseech the Creator to shine His Divine Lights on humanity in order to illuminate their souls.

Mounir Murad

Dr. Dahesh: Our Beloved and Guiding Prophet

Disobedience of God’s command brought about the fall of many angels, who, as a consequence, descended to the earthly paradise in the form of Adam—humanity’s greatest patriarch. Despite their disobedience, God’s love and mercy did not leave them without guidance and providing them with a path to return to the lofty Paradises that they descended from. It follows that the Lofty 20th Spiritual Sayyal (Spiritual Fluid) volunteered to redeem the fallen angels by being within Adam. After the fall of Adam and Eve from the earthly paradise, God’s love and mercy continued over the millennia through a multitude of Prophets, Messengers, and Spiritual Guides—all emanating from the Divine Christ Power. The 20th Spiritual Sayyal was also present within Jesus of Nazareth and Dr. Dahesh, our Beloved and Guiding Prophet.

Words are incapable of describing the extent of the sacrifices made by all manifestations of the Christ Power, for many were oppressed, tortured, imprisoned, ridiculed, and killed. The persecution of Lord Christ and the crucifixion of his Personality, as well as, the persecution of Dr. Dahesh and the execution of his Personality are classic examples. What impact did Lord Christ’s teachings and crucifixion have on humanity? Without his lofty moral teachings, the world would have continued with its pagan rituals, extreme cruelty, the offering of human sacrifices, and immoral behavior. Unfortunately, with the passing of time, Christianity—as with all other religions—had been afflicted with distortions and deviations from the original teachings. With time, humanity entered the horrific “Dark Ages” and slowly emerged from it centuries later with the advent of the Age of Renaissance. Out of darkness came light and this light continued to burn brighter and brighter as significant advances in literature, art, science, and philosophy took hold, but not religion. On June 1, 1909 it was time for this light to include religion, so it sparked with the birth of Saleem el-Ashi, known as Dr. Dahesh.

As the light of Daheshism grew brighter and brighter, religion is no longer deficient in explaining the mysteries of the universe and is no longer contradicting science. With time, Daheshism will have a significant impact on humanity with its call for love, compassion, brotherhood of mankind, and the need to become a one-nation world governed by fairness, justice, freedom, morality, respect, and love. Daheshism is the gift of God Almighty to humanity executed by the Christ Power, and delivered to us by its envoy.  Each year, on June 1st, we celebrate the birth of Dr. Dahesh in order to express to him our eternal gratitude for the spark of light that he instilled within many of us, so that, in turn, we can pass it on to humanity.

Mounir Murad

May 31, 2010

Daheshism Turns 68

Over three millennia had passed since Moses presented us
with the Ten Commandments and the most basic of laws to live righteously and
that form the basis of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Two millennia had
passed since Lord Christ preached to us about humility, compassion, and love. A
millennium and a half had passed since the Prophet Muhammad turned the pagans
of the Arabian Peninsula into God fearing people. Three Prophets of God who are
descendants of the Prophet Abraham had laid down the ground rules for proper
human behavior and provided us with a wealth of information about our
existence. One may think that followers of these religions would recognize the
lineage and would respect each other. Instead, each religion fractured and in
addition to intra-faith fighting, interfaith fighting continues to this day.


Since the times of Moses and to this day, humanity endured
the most horrific acts of violence—all in the name of religion. In reality, no
religion would sanction such behavior. From the late 19th Century
and to this day, scientific knowledge and discovery brought humanity many
inventions and accomplishments, but also brought along with it doubt about the
Creator of this universe and spirituality. Christ’s gospel of humility, compassion,
and love did not dissuade Christians from fighting each other in World War I.
Despite the horrors of this war, humanity did not learn its lesson and a more
brutal and ferocious World War II resulted.


While World War II raged on, humanity drowned in its own
hatred and evils and man exploited fellow man in the most horrific forms
employing the most unjust methods. It is difficult to predict how world events
may develop and lead humanity to World War III—a war unlike any other, because
it could cause worldwide devastation and possibly the extinction of life on
earth. Fulfilling the prophecies of all Holy Books, God’s mercy provided
humanity with a new path to salvation on March 23, 1942, when the Spirits
declared through Dr. Dahesh the advent of Daheshism. The noble teachings of
Daheshism will bring man the realization that all religions are of the same
source and that they all lead to salvation. Also, Daheshism will quench the
thirst of those seeking knowledge and enlightenment about the Spiritual Worlds,
Divine Justice, the purpose of our existence, and the ultimate goal of being
one with the Creator.


Although our Beloved and Guiding Prophet had left us to
return to his World about 26 years ago, the resolve of Daheshists to spread his
Divine message to humanity will not waver. No hardship will dissuade true
believers from moving forward; no inconvenience or loss of physical property
will weaken their faith; and no persecution or even martyrdom will stop
Daheshism from reaching anyone who merited the privilege and honor to receive
Divine Guidance. Daheshism is not for the timid and weak hearted individuals
and definitely not for those who are arrogant, vain, and materialistic. If you
are a Daheshist and you have not lived by your responsibilities towards
Daheshism and our Beloved and Guiding Prophet, then grave Spiritual
consequences will ensue.


The march is on and Daheshism will prevail!


Mounir Murad

March 20, 2010

In Remembrance!

The 25th Commemoration

Mounir Murad
April 9, 2009

It was on this day, April 9, 1984 that Our Beloved and Guiding Prophet completed his mission of presenting humanity with the divine gift of Daheshism. It was a very difficult mission, however, the difficulties did not stop him from delivering his message with courage, determination, and confidence. He lived a life full of anguish from those who persecuted him and who attempted to derail his efforts; from the overall behavior of humanity; and from the behavior of those closest to his heart that did not abide by his wishes or by Spiritual instructions. He delivered his message to humanity and returned to the paradise that he originated from to enjoy the fruits of his labor. May God shower his Soul with Divine rewards for the path he laid down for us and leading to our salvation.

Yes, he departed from us 25 years ago and we are so happy that his Soul escaped from the constraints of the human body and became free again to roam the universe. April 9th, 1984 marks the day when the responsibility of continuing what our Beloved had started fell on our shoulders. It is not a matter to be taken lightly, for our Spiritual progression or degradation hinges on: our action or inaction; proper or improper conduct; attentiveness or carelessness to Spiritual instructions; and to follow or disregard the wishes of our Beloved Prophet and Christ.

On April 12th, 1984, I stood by his body just before the closing of the casket and saw his face for the last time in this life. However, my heart will always be with him. I had no doubt about the difficult path that lay ahead. I was then young and untested by life. I envisioned Daheshists immediately coalescing to fulfill the wishes of our Beloved and the Spirit. However, I was very naïve then and did not fully understand what it means to be human. As Daheshists, we are driven by many desires and weaknesses—just like other human beings. We are neither an exception, nor are we exceptional except for our privilege in knowing the Beloved during his life. But privilege doesn’t get us anywhere unless we step up to the plate and make our mark on humanity. Our Beloved once said: “The struggle for the sake of Daheshism is a sacred duty that no Daheshist can escape.” He also said: “The coward—in my belief—is unworthy of living” and “Dear Daheshist, always envision how the end was for the traitor and cursed (Iscariot)…be careful not to fall!”

From the human aspect, the recent collapse of the world economy proved that there are no guarantees in life. If someone is waiting for a clear sign to act, old age and death may come first and an opportunity that may come once in thousands of life cycles is wasted. Our Beloved once said: “Men are two kinds: There are men who kiss the feet of masters to attain glory, and then there are men that glory wishes to kiss their feet, yet they refuse.” Then there are those that do not have full understanding of Daheshism, yet they are eager to promote it, not for the sake of Daheshism per se, but rather to satisfy their own ego and glory. Our Beloved once said: “We all claim knowledge on a wide range of topics, while in reality ignorance fills our hearts.” Time has not stopped, so do we pass on the responsibility to future generations at the expense of our Spiritual progression? Clearly, the choice is up to each one of us to make.