Dr. Dahesh: Our Beloved and Guiding Prophet

Disobedience of God’s command brought about the fall of many angels, who, as a consequence, descended to the earthly paradise in the form of Adam—humanity’s greatest patriarch. Despite their disobedience, God’s love and mercy did not leave them without guidance and providing them with a path to return to the lofty Paradises that they descended from. It follows that the Lofty 20th Spiritual Sayyal (Spiritual Fluid) volunteered to redeem the fallen angels by being within Adam. After the fall of Adam and Eve from the earthly paradise, God’s love and mercy continued over the millennia through a multitude of Prophets, Messengers, and Spiritual Guides—all emanating from the Divine Christ Power. The 20th Spiritual Sayyal was also present within Jesus of Nazareth and Dr. Dahesh, our Beloved and Guiding Prophet.

Words are incapable of describing the extent of the sacrifices made by all manifestations of the Christ Power, for many were oppressed, tortured, imprisoned, ridiculed, and killed. The persecution of Lord Christ and the crucifixion of his Personality, as well as, the persecution of Dr. Dahesh and the execution of his Personality are classic examples. What impact did Lord Christ’s teachings and crucifixion have on humanity? Without his lofty moral teachings, the world would have continued with its pagan rituals, extreme cruelty, the offering of human sacrifices, and immoral behavior. Unfortunately, with the passing of time, Christianity—as with all other religions—had been afflicted with distortions and deviations from the original teachings. With time, humanity entered the horrific “Dark Ages” and slowly emerged from it centuries later with the advent of the Age of Renaissance. Out of darkness came light and this light continued to burn brighter and brighter as significant advances in literature, art, science, and philosophy took hold, but not religion. On June 1, 1909 it was time for this light to include religion, so it sparked with the birth of Saleem el-Ashi, known as Dr. Dahesh.

As the light of Daheshism grew brighter and brighter, religion is no longer deficient in explaining the mysteries of the universe and is no longer contradicting science. With time, Daheshism will have a significant impact on humanity with its call for love, compassion, brotherhood of mankind, and the need to become a one-nation world governed by fairness, justice, freedom, morality, respect, and love. Daheshism is the gift of God Almighty to humanity executed by the Christ Power, and delivered to us by its envoy.  Each year, on June 1st, we celebrate the birth of Dr. Dahesh in order to express to him our eternal gratitude for the spark of light that he instilled within many of us, so that, in turn, we can pass it on to humanity.

Mounir Murad

May 31, 2010