April 9, 1984

Spring is upon us after a difficult winter season! Signs of rebirth and beauty are all around us. It is a reminder that no matter how difficult things can get, there will come a day when these difficulties will subside. Throughout history, acts of aggression and oppression do last a while, but sooner or later, they will disappear. Just look at the evil of slavery, or the tyrannical rule of the Soviet Union. It is with this hope that I look at the departure of our Beloved Prophet from our midst on April 9, 1984.

He brought humanity a message of love, righteousness, and knowledge, however, only a few individuals believed in him—especially in the Middle East. After 31 years from his passing, the Middle East had transformed from stable, but oppressive and nondemocratic governments, to states full of violence and total disregard to human rights and the sanctity of human life. Some of the gruesome killings that we hear about just about every day are unprecedented and a return to savagery.

Middle Eastern countries aside, the world had changed considerably. Religious teachings are being modified to suit the needs of certain groups, while others declare that religions are dead or outdated, therefore abandoning the belief in a Creating Force. What a shame and a travesty! Human arrogance reached a point that man thinks that with his scientific knowledge they can confirm that the universe created itself out of nothing! Seriously! The massive energy that expanded and created the universe had to come from someplace! What happened to the scientific principle that energy cannot be created or destroyed, that it just changes form?

It is not only arrogance, but also defiance to the laws brought forth by the Prophets over the ages. Even the clergy of many religions are engaged in acts completely contrary to what their religion calls for! If this is not hypocrisy, I don’t know what is! Daheshism was born on March 23, 1942 in order to bring humanity spiritual enlightenment and greater appreciation for the powers of the Creating Force. Yes, our Beloved Prophet departed from us on this day, however, his Lofty Message of love, righteousness, beauty, knowledge, and faith will live in the hearts of certain people forever.

Mounir Murad