Why Daheshists Celebrate June 1st?

Daheshists throughout the globe celebrate every year on June 1st. It is the birthday anniversary of our Beloved and Guiding Prophet. For those who are not familiar with Dr. Dahesh and what he represents, I will present them with a small excerpt taken from the inspired book “Memoirs of Jesus of Nazareth.” After reading this excerpt, there will be little doubt in their mind as to the identity of Dr. Dahesh from the Daheshist point of view:

The Departure of Christ

From “Memoirs of Jesus of Nazareth

By Dr. Dahesh


O city of Nazareth! I will return to you after so many years.

I will return to you, however, you will reject me again.

I will return to you when it is time to reveal the truth.

I will return to you, however, you will be drowning in sins.

Then you will not listen to me, as you are not listening to me now!

O city of Nazareth! Woe to you if you continue with your oppression and recklessness!

When my final hour comes, I will leave your land only to return to it after 20 centuries.

At that time your name would have spread throughout the earth, from east to west.

Every inhabitant living under the stars will recognize you and you will become their envy.

After these 20 centuries, your soil will hold the remains of one of my disciples

That until now I have not yet chosen.

As to you, you will remain the same.

And you will carry the name of the Nazarene,

Without having true faith take hold in your heart.

Woe and woe to you if you do not change your ways.

Farewell O village of my upbringing,

Whose water I drank,

Whose fruits I ate,

Where I took shelter under your shades,

And enjoyed your sunshine.

O children of my father and mother, Farewell.