There is a form of Darkness that hangs over the Earth! A darkness that cannot be lifted even by the intensity of a thousand suns, because this is not a physical darkness, rather, it is the darkness of the human soul. The archrival of this darkness is the Divine Light emanating from the Spiritual Realm that seeks it and mandates its destruction.

In 1942, darkness peaked at a time when human hatred and greed ran amok. Brutality drove millions to their deathbeds, civilizations lost their civility, religious groups failed miserably in controlling their followers, and cries of the wretched reached the heavens.

Such was the backdrop when Divine Light shone upon us on March 23, 1942 to announce its presence and to warn the human soul: either submit to the commands of the Creator and enjoy His eternal bliss or sink deeper into the abyss of darkness! The announcement already reached a select few, but has yet to spread globally pending the completion of the delivery vehicle—The Daheshist Faith as explained in the Book of Daheshism.

The Divine Light seeks the illumination of our souls at a time when humanity is faced with dwindling natural resources, overpopulation, and severe weather conditions due to global warming. Also, at a time when many scientists had renounced the existence of a Creator and many individuals measured their greatness, not by their ability to comprehend Spiritual Truths, but rather, by the size of their amassed physical assets.

As we celebrate Daheshism’s 69th anniversary, we beseech the Creator to shine His Divine Lights on humanity in order to illuminate their souls.

Mounir Murad