Elation and Struggle

Imagine, if you will, an individual from the highest levels of society, living in the most beautiful structure, where everything is abundant and enjoying the best that life has to offer in education, science, fine arts, human comfort, and freedom! Then all of a sudden, this individual finds himself in the worst slum ever, where poverty, disease, sadness, illiteracy, injustice and crime are the norm! It would be a shock that is hard to deal with accompanied by sadness that is hard to comprehend.

Imagine now a Spiritual Entity residing in a celestial abode, enjoying the most wonderful existence and ruling the universe along with its peers! It is the Christ Entity directed by the Heavenly Father to guide the fallen Souls of the entire universe! All of a sudden, this Spiritual Entity finds itself on Earth, living a life with other human beings in a world full of evil, hatred, envy, betrayal, sexual desires, and insatiable materialistic needs, and entrusted to deliver to them a message of love, peace, brotherhood of mankind, renouncing materialistic wants and aspirations for spiritual elevation.

This Spiritual Entity entered this world on June 1, 1909 and departed from it on April 9, 1984, after living a very difficult life full of sadness and pain from humanity that is not receptive to Spiritual Guidance and is set in its materialistic ways. The departure of our Beloved and Guiding Prophet from Earth is a great elation, for he is back to his happy celestial abode. Yet, his departure marks a life of struggle for those that accepted his teachings and now must carry his message to all corners of the globe.

Many thanks to you for your selfless acts and for the privilege you bestowed on us to carry your torch of enlightenment to humanity.

Mounir Murad

April 9, 2016

Beauty, Darkness, and Light


March 21, 2016, the first day of spring! Finally, it is here and brings with it the awakening of nature from its winter slumber! There are signs of rebirth all over the place. Daffodils and tulips are already wearing their most beautiful garments. Their colors dazzle the eyes…the birds are happy and singing songs of joy and the return of warmth…there is so much happiness in the hearts and minds…


March 22, 2016, the festival of spring is interrupted by the appearance of a dark cloud! It is the cloud of dark hearts and minds. It spews death, hatred, violence, ignorance, and turmoil and threatens to destroy everything in its path. It is this darkness that killed and injured so many innocent people in Brussels, Belgium! The perpetrators claim that they are being martyred for the cause of their religion and that by killing innocent men, women, children, and elderly people, they have reserved their spot in paradise! This is the darkness of the hearts and minds…Little they know that they have reserved their spot in hell!


March 23, 2016, Daheshism celebrates its 74th anniversary. It is on this day in 1942 that a message of love, brotherhood of mankind, enlightenment, knowledge, freedom, and peace descended on Earth. Anyone drinking from its magical elixir will abandon the trivial pursuit of materialism, the insanity of subjugating the wills of others, and the appreciation for beauty, intellect, and freedom. There is no powerful force in this world greater than the force of love that Lord Christ spoke of. There is nothing more desirable than a beautiful heart, and there is nothing that shines brighter than a free mind.

Love, Peace, Freedom, Respect, and Intellect…Thank you Daheshism and happy 74th anniversary!

Mounir Murad

March 23, 2016

April 9, 1984

It was a great beautiful day!

The day the Soul of our Beloved Prophet was liberated.

After almost 75 years of imprisonment

Served in the prison of the human form!


It was a horrible day!

The day we lost our mentor and Celestial Guide.

After years of being in our midst,

Most took him for granted and few appreciated his sacrifices!


He returned to his paradisiacal abode,

To enjoy the beautiful creations of the Almighty!

Living in harmony among his peers,

In a place that can truly be called divine!


We are left here on earth for a while,

To pay penance for our transgressions!

Living in a state of constant struggle,

And witnessing the cruelty of man!


Our Beloved was relentless, exact, and determined

In setting the stage for us and for humanity

To benefit our Souls from his Divine Message,

And leaving future generations a path to salvation!


We are lazy, arrogant, and selfish!

The moment was not seized after his departure!

We were all busy planning our mundane life,

To the point that some even disavowed our noble cause!


The anniversary of April 9th is a day of celebration,

For our Beloved escaped the misery of this life!

It is also a day of retrospect and lamentation!

For we are given the treasure chest and its key, yet it remains locked!


Mounir Murad

April 6, 2011








Air Whispers!

I made a visit to Mount Vernon, home of one of our Nation’s Founding Fathers, where my footsteps retraced, along with those of millions of visitors, over the footsteps of this great man. As I passed by his tomb, the air whispered in my ears in a proud tone: You may have retraced his footsteps, but it was I who carried the tone of his voice to the soldiers he commanded in pursuit of liberty and witnessed his setbacks as well as his greatest victories and achievements!

I made a visit to Monticello, home of Thomas Jefferson, another of our Nation’s Founding Fathers, where I walked through the mansion and passed through the vineyards. The air whispered in my ears with joy: He breathed my molecules so I was able to witness firsthand his genius; his lofty ideals that influenced the writing of the US Constitution along with John Adams, Thomas Paine, and others; and his integrity as a human being. I was there during the sendoff of the Lewis and Clark Expedition and the Louisiana Purchase!

I made a visit to Lincoln’s Memorial and came face to face with a statue of this brave and great President, who is credited with preserving the Union and the issuance of the Emancipation Proclamation and the Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction. The air whispered in my ears in a sad tone: For years, I have watched him anguish over the evils of war and all those who died as a result of. He carried this burden on his shoulders until he died. His decisions culminated in turning a new chapter in our Nation’s history and a steady move towards justice, fairness, and human dignity. I also witnessed the horrific assassination of this great man by the cowardly act of John Wilkes Booth.

I made a visit to Arlington Cemetery where I was humbled by the brave men and women who gave up their life for the sake of our Nation—to include our courageous President, John F. Kennedy and his fight for fairness, justice, and civil rights. The air whispered in my ears sobbing: You have no idea how it feels to witness the lives of hundreds of thousands of people! Each grave that you see here can provide material to fill a book, or in some instances, volumes. I witnessed their happy and sad moments; the best and worst aspects of their life; the lives of people around them that they touched or influenced; and their greatest accomplishments and tragedies!

I visited place after place…and the air whispered and whispered in my ears…Finally, it dawned on me that whatever we think, do, or not do, the air will always bear witness and will recite our story to future generations!

Mounir Murad
July 18, 2009

My June 1st Message

By Hilda Murad

June 1st, 2009 is the birthday centennial of Dr. Dahesh and Daheshists throughout the world will celebrate on this occasion. Although our Beloved and Guiding Prophet had passed away on April 9, 1984, he is alive in our hearts and we believe that he is watching us and looking after us from his Lofty World. His soul, as with all other souls, will never seize to exist. He is in a Celestial World, where I am sure other Prophets, angels, and elevated souls are also celebrating on this occasion.

His departure from us was a big loss to Daheshists and to humanity. I am consoled by the vivid memories of the years I spent with him.  The beginning of June is a lovely time of the year when most flowers have bloomed and the fruits are ripe or about to become so. I remember well the delicious fruits of Lebanon at this time of the year—especially the figs, berries, huge strawberries, apricots, grapes, watermelons, and many other types. Daheshists used to celebrate the birthday of our Beloved and Guiding Prophet in a huge hall at the Mission’s mansion, where poets, writers, doctors, lawyers and working people gather. The poets would recite their poetry in praise of our Beloved and/or of Daheshism. Then the orators would deliver their essays about the Miracle Man and/or to explain his teachings to the new comers.

Nowadays it is not only a day of celebration, but also a day of reflection. On this day we remember Dr. Dahesh, the compassionate man who possessed a good sense of humor, high charisma, strong personality, and a golden heart. We remember his smiling face and his busy schedule meeting with people, writing, and reading books, magazines, and newspapers. We are so fortunate that we had the opportunity to be with him while he was in our midst. We are also very grateful to God who sent us a Prophet and Guide to help us through life and lead us to righteousness. He would explain to us Spiritual matters that we did not comprehend on our own.  We are so fortunate to delve into some of life’s mysteries and secrets and to learn about the existence of life on other planets. We learned through his Spiritual teachings that leading a life of righteousness will undoubtedly cause us to reincarnate in a better place and avoid the blazing fires of hell.

Just as people at the time of Jesus Christ did not appreciate having a Prophet of God in their midst, so it was with our Beloved and Guiding Prophet. Many were the people that he met with, yet only a few people cared to truly learn about his true identity and to follow his teachings. They would meet with him, witness countless miracles, and then continue to blindly follow their religion and traditions. Many were afraid of what other people might say or think of them if they accept Daheshism. Some only cared for wealth, fame, or status and in attaining such goals, they were willing to leave their faith, virtue, conscience, and hearts behind—despite their knowledge of the Day of Judgment. On such a day, each one of us has to be accountable for what he/she did in this life and be rewarded for it by reincarnating in a Spiritually loftier place or be punished by reincarnating in a degraded world full of suffering, sickness, poverty, torture of the soul and mind, and where lamenting themselves and asking for forgiveness will not help them until they finish their prescribed time.

We raise our thanks to God for his mercy and providence and we also thank our Beloved and Guiding Prophet for the new life and faith that he had given us, thereby enlightening our obscure minds and hearts. My family and I will always remember your teachings and pass them on to others without religious bias or being judgmental. We miss you dearly and hope for an opportunity in the future to be with you again. Please accept my sincerest wishes and appreciation on your first birthday centennial.