April 9, 1984

It was a great beautiful day!

The day the Soul of our Beloved Prophet was liberated.

After almost 75 years of imprisonment

Served in the prison of the human form!


It was a horrible day!

The day we lost our mentor and Celestial Guide.

After years of being in our midst,

Most took him for granted and few appreciated his sacrifices!


He returned to his paradisiacal abode,

To enjoy the beautiful creations of the Almighty!

Living in harmony among his peers,

In a place that can truly be called divine!


We are left here on earth for a while,

To pay penance for our transgressions!

Living in a state of constant struggle,

And witnessing the cruelty of man!


Our Beloved was relentless, exact, and determined

In setting the stage for us and for humanity

To benefit our Souls from his Divine Message,

And leaving future generations a path to salvation!


We are lazy, arrogant, and selfish!

The moment was not seized after his departure!

We were all busy planning our mundane life,

To the point that some even disavowed our noble cause!


The anniversary of April 9th is a day of celebration,

For our Beloved escaped the misery of this life!

It is also a day of retrospect and lamentation!

For we are given the treasure chest and its key, yet it remains locked!


Mounir Murad

April 6, 2011