Elation and Struggle

Imagine, if you will, an individual from the highest levels of society, living in the most beautiful structure, where everything is abundant and enjoying the best that life has to offer in education, science, fine arts, human comfort, and freedom! Then all of a sudden, this individual finds himself in the worst slum ever, where poverty, disease, sadness, illiteracy, injustice and crime are the norm! It would be a shock that is hard to deal with accompanied by sadness that is hard to comprehend.

Imagine now a Spiritual Entity residing in a celestial abode, enjoying the most wonderful existence and ruling the universe along with its peers! It is the Christ Entity directed by the Heavenly Father to guide the fallen Souls of the entire universe! All of a sudden, this Spiritual Entity finds itself on Earth, living a life with other human beings in a world full of evil, hatred, envy, betrayal, sexual desires, and insatiable materialistic needs, and entrusted to deliver to them a message of love, peace, brotherhood of mankind, renouncing materialistic wants and aspirations for spiritual elevation.

This Spiritual Entity entered this world on June 1, 1909 and departed from it on April 9, 1984, after living a very difficult life full of sadness and pain from humanity that is not receptive to Spiritual Guidance and is set in its materialistic ways. The departure of our Beloved and Guiding Prophet from Earth is a great elation, for he is back to his happy celestial abode. Yet, his departure marks a life of struggle for those that accepted his teachings and now must carry his message to all corners of the globe.

Many thanks to you for your selfless acts and for the privilege you bestowed on us to carry your torch of enlightenment to humanity.

Mounir Murad

April 9, 2016

One thought on “Elation and Struggle

  1. Indeed, may the reign of the words of Dr. Dahesh reign in our hearts with glory love and peace. May his light that is planted in our hearts pave the way for the will of God with eternal love and righteous deeds and be fulfilled in heaven with our brethren the believers.

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