April 9, 1984

Spring is upon us after a difficult winter season! Signs of rebirth and beauty are all around us. It is a reminder that no matter how difficult things can get, there will come a day when these difficulties will subside. Throughout history, acts of aggression and oppression do last a while, but sooner or later, they will disappear. Just look at the evil of slavery, or the tyrannical rule of the Soviet Union. It is with this hope that I look at the departure of our Beloved Prophet from our midst on April 9, 1984.

He brought humanity a message of love, righteousness, and knowledge, however, only a few individuals believed in him—especially in the Middle East. After 31 years from his passing, the Middle East had transformed from stable, but oppressive and nondemocratic governments, to states full of violence and total disregard to human rights and the sanctity of human life. Some of the gruesome killings that we hear about just about every day are unprecedented and a return to savagery.

Middle Eastern countries aside, the world had changed considerably. Religious teachings are being modified to suit the needs of certain groups, while others declare that religions are dead or outdated, therefore abandoning the belief in a Creating Force. What a shame and a travesty! Human arrogance reached a point that man thinks that with his scientific knowledge they can confirm that the universe created itself out of nothing! Seriously! The massive energy that expanded and created the universe had to come from someplace! What happened to the scientific principle that energy cannot be created or destroyed, that it just changes form?

It is not only arrogance, but also defiance to the laws brought forth by the Prophets over the ages. Even the clergy of many religions are engaged in acts completely contrary to what their religion calls for! If this is not hypocrisy, I don’t know what is! Daheshism was born on March 23, 1942 in order to bring humanity spiritual enlightenment and greater appreciation for the powers of the Creating Force. Yes, our Beloved Prophet departed from us on this day, however, his Lofty Message of love, righteousness, beauty, knowledge, and faith will live in the hearts of certain people forever.

Mounir Murad

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  1. Meditation on God’s words.
    The elevation of sayyals, gives us that wonderful and blessed feeling which carries us on the wings of creativity that molds the soul with its sacred fires. We feel that we are soaring like eagles, being directed with a celestial spirit. That spirit that is awaiting us with all patience, so that we merge in it.
    She knows her sayyals; that are each one of us. So when we merge in her, each of us will hold his own position in accordance with the spiritual laws.
    And we live like a ship of light that rides the highest sea waves defying all obstacles.
    Each of us shall be part of the spirit and one in it; where the spirit carries us in honesty according to God’s will; it’s like becoming her passengers by being led by the one whom we returned to.

  2. I found this poem:
    At The Altar
    Oh what good am I if I cannot be poured out! Is this not Love, to lose the I that knows and contains the unfathomable for a greater destiny? If this is Love, than this is Sacrifice! And if Love than Resurrection. To achieve the heights one must be brought low to shatter the shackles that bind him to the thins gone by. Old and withering away, man holds on to the Earthly things so dear. Entrapped, he must break the Matter that gave Him Life, the Divine Matter, that nurtured and cared for him, that gave him a taste of the Love eternal in all the beautiful experiences in which the tree of his heart branches out to create the world in which he lives. The very Mother Who gave him life, must now be honored and reminisced within the grave from which She came as he proceeds to crucify the dreams and aspirations from which his Youthful spirit craved within him. To kill the Father of Lies along with the vanity, lust, hate, glory, and identification with which he accumulated on his stay of short notice within this Garden of Delights. Oh what a Loss? But to what greater end than to lay waste a vineyard for a whole island, no, a whole nation of flowers, trees, plants, and living things of every kind. Destroy this garden, so that you will grow within the Field of Eternity and the seed of your heart and soul may reach for the warming rays of Divinity! Your Sun awaits you, Your wrath and joy, pains and sorrow, all your glory awaits you for the grapes of fulfillment to be poured out and they are ripe. Yes the Gods raise you to their lips and drink of your Life. Taste the sweet savors of Divinity! Yes, taste yourself!

    • Dear Brian,

      Beautiful words! Thanks for sharing. Do you happen to know who the poet is?



      • Dear Mr. Murad,
        Thank you for the compliment. I was reading a passage from one of Khalil Gibran’s works “Earth Gods” and I felt inspired to somehow write down what I was feeling inside along with the thoughts that were provoked by reading him. I must say that everytime I read one of Khalil’s works, I feel carried away to a whole dimension. Figuratively speaking of course. It’s amazing just how mystical he was. I remember reading somewhere that he had a meeting with Abdul Baha, whom he loved and honoured, and was told by Abdul that he had worlds in his heart and that the Holy Spirit was in him.
        Also, as I was reading through his work the Earth Gods, I can see much similarities between the mysticism of Gibran and the metaphysics of Doctor Dahesh. I understand that the Doctor read a lot of Gibran’s poetry?
        Anyway, I’m finishing reading your book, “Daheshism and the Journey of Life”, and I found that the way you explained things makes much sense philisophically. So thank you for your elucidations. I just hope that someone somehow publishes and translates all of the works of Dr. Dahesh and gets the Word out before its too late.
        I just have one question, is it known exactly what books the Doctor read and kept?

        Thank you,
        With God’s blessings

        • Dear Brian,

          I had a feeling it was Gibran. So that you know, in Daheshism we regard Gibran as the precursor to Dr. Dahesh–the same way John the Baptist was a precursor to Jesus. As a matter of fact, we believe that he possessed some Sayyals from Christ. Dr. Dahesh highly regarded Gibran and there were some inspired pieces that he wrote about him. I will include one titled “The Fog”, but first, I will tell you that Dr. Dahesh was an avid reader of books, newspapers, and magazines. His book collection is in the tens of thousands.

          “Those who believe in the powers of Dr. Dahesh and his Message also believe that Kahlil Gibran, author of the Prophet, was an envoy that came to Earth in order to pave the way for Daheshism—in the same fashion that John the Baptist came to pave the way for the universal message of Lord Christ. Those who are familiar with the supernatural abilities of Dr. Dahesh also know very well that it is possible for the Spirit to address people through a Prophet or through his Personalities and either verbally or in writing. On May 10, 1942, a Sayyal belonging to the Spirit of Kahlil Gibran revealed to Dr. Dahesh a prose poem titled “The Fog.” The message of this poem is apocalyptic, however, I will leave it up to the reader to draw his or her own conclusions.

          The Fog

          Heavy fog surrounds my soul…and restrains it with chains!
          Dense fog! In the sky of my life!
          It encircles me the way a bracelet encircles the wrist of a beautiful woman!
          Beautiful fog! It forms only to dissipate!
          Shadows and strange ghosts appear to me from within the fog…
          Thousands of fiery eyes glance at me!
          This dark fog dissipates only to form again in shades of white mixed with yellow, like fluffed cotton!
          Gentle, yet sad faces appear to me from within it!
          [Faces] With downcast eyes—as if begging the observer for compassion!
          And hands…there are so many to count!
          Some [hands] with their palms open!
          While other [hands] with a clenched fist!
          The fingers cramped and the nerves excited and bulging—like thick ropes!
          While other hands are calm, gentle, and peaceful…if it wasn’t for an occasional shiver you would deem them lifeless!
          This fog dissipates again!
          Only to form again in different shapes and colors: How very strange!
          I am still in my position examining these strange scenes!
          Suddenly, there appeared to me a thick cloud that clumped together and merged with sections of the floating fog!
          Once the composition was complete, a horrific powerful figure emerged from this fog wrapped by the clouds!
          In his eye cavities, he placed two stars—whose brilliance blinds the vision!

          He yelled at me saying:
          You, Earthling!
          Deliver my message to your people—those dwarfs who think they have reached their desired level of wisdom and knowledge.
          You, son of nature, relay to them what I am about to tell you now.
          His voice sounded like gushing water through a quiet valley!
          He then said:
          You pitiful Earthlings!
          For tens of thousands of years and I have been watching your activities, listening to what you have to say, observing your behavior, and reading what goes on through your minds.
          They have not changed over the years!

          For you are:
          Consumed by the love of women!
          Passionate about materialism!
          Worshiping authority!
          Sanctifying power!
          Assaulting the powerless!
          Cursing the Heavens!
          Falsifying the truths!
          Deceiving each other!

          Powerful assaults the helpless!
          Wicked assaults the peaceful!
          Priests and pastors pretend to be pious, while in reality they are the devil incarnate!

          You have:
          Trampled on the commandments!
          Mocked the Divine Laws!
          Cursed the Heavens!
          Consecrated falsehood!
          Ridiculed the noble teachings!
          Followed the despicable desires of your hearts!

          You have read the commandments of the Lord of righteousness!
          However…due to the hardness of your hearts and lack of faith, you have not acted according to these noble teachings!
          Not even some of them!
          No, the focus of your thoughts revolved around nothing but crimes, sensual desires, and lowly inclinations!
          I have watched you for a long time.
          I have been remarkably patient with you for many generations!
          Hoping that you would correct your mistakes!
          Perhaps remorse could find a place in your hearts.
          My waiting was all in vain!
          The boring generations have passed and gone!
          While you remained unchanged!
          Rather, your evils deeds multiplied many folds over what your fathers and grandfathers used to do!
          For this reason!
          Today, I have decided to inform you of my unwavering decree!
          That calls for the destruction of this lowly world of yours!
          The world that you have polluted with your crimes, greed, and desires!

          I am being truthful to you Earthlings in saying:
          My soul is sick and tired of everything that exists in your trivial world!
          I am bored with your sun and moon, your galaxies and stars!
          Your hills and valleys, land and sky, trees and birds, valleys, mountains, and plains!
          Everything that the eye can see and the senses detect in your polluted world that is suffering from your disgraceful deeds and your evil thinking.
          I will wipe your world from existence!
          I will make it a forgotten thing!
          Because experience assures me that it is impossible for your sin-burdened souls to transcend, for they are changing from bad to worse!

          My judgment has decreed:
          That your Earth be gone and be filled again with fog!
          This fog will cover the world and I will pass through it for generations to come without allowing any of your known elements share my existence!
          As for the children!
          Those who are not yet polluted by the evils of this Earth and its lowly desires,
          I will touch their foreheads with my miraculous fingers!
          And place them in a deep sleep!
          When they wake up!
          They will find themselves in a nobler place than their harsh earthly world!
          As to their young innocent bodies, I will turn them into fog!

          Dr. Dahesh
          Beirut, May 10, 1942

  3. Dear Mr. Murad,
    According to Daheshism, is it possible for our Spirits to connect us during prayer or meditation? Or is it just the interaction between our Loftier Fluids and our earthly main fluid during such spiritual practices? I was curious as to how this is explained by your Faith.

    Thank you and God bless.

    • Dear Brian,

      The lofty Sayyals of a Mother Spirit do interact with its not so lofty Sayyals urging them not to fall into temptation or commit immoral acts, while the lowly Sayyals urge their loftier Sayyals to commit immoral acts. It is this conflict between good and evil that you see in everyday life, in every being, and at various levels. The Mother Spirit is Holy and resides in the Spiritual Realm along with its Sayyals that chose not to withdraw from the Spiritual Realm and venture into the unknown. However, the ultimate goal is for every Mother Spirit is to be reunited with its fallen Sayyals. For that to happen, the fallen Sayyals must elevate themselves over many many life cycles and throughout the universe until they reach perfection and escape the physical world permanently.

      Here is a section that I translated from “The Book of Daheshism”:

      “God also veiled a portion of His perfect divine knowledge from all Sayyals and subjected them to the tests of freedom, choice, and responsibility. With their inclinations, He allowed the Sayyals to withdraw from the divine Spiritual realm, if they wished, or to remain in the Spiritual realm and get closer and closer to the Creator. In other words, the test was between two choices: either submit to God’s wishes and restrictions, and in doing so, be completely drawn to Him out of pure love, or venture into the unknown through the use of the Spirit’s free will. If knowledge is not complete, no matter how great it is, the missing component, no matter how small it is, will eventually lead the Sayyal to a venture into the unknown. Even if the Sayyal was able through its vast intellect to see into the future, say a period of a billion years, then its intellect will include vision into the advancement of life and the series of cause and effect up to that lengthy period of time. The intellect of this Sayyal will be restricted to a billion years and then will enter into the realm of the unknown.

      The omniscient Creator knew that free choice is accompanied by a deficiency in knowledge—no matter how small it is—will force all the Sayyals subject to the trial of free choice to leave the Spiritual realm, thus distancing themselves from the world of eternal happiness to live an existence of eternal suffering and provided that the Sayyals are all equal in their weak inclinations towards good, justice, beauty, and light. For this reason, His Divine Justice established a balance between the attraction towards good and evil in every Spirit, where it is possible for the Sayyals to rid themselves from any deficiency, corruption, or unhappiness, thus concluding their tests—no matter how long it takes—and reuniting with the divine Mother Spirit, and finally with God Almighty. This Divine Justice requires that the 300 Sayyals leaning towards good, justice, beauty, and light be in constant contact with the 300 Sayyals leaning toward evil, and all with their Divine Mother Spirit.

      When it was time for the trial to begin, each of the Sayyals within every Spirit became active and chose what it desired. The result was many Sayyals possessing strong desires that lean toward good grew in glory and brought their Mother Spirit closer to the Creator, glory be to His name, while the Sayyals possessing weak desires toward good, justice, and light took a path that distanced them from the source of their existence. This created a great chasm between the fallen Sayyals and those that grew in glory. This chasm affected the ranking of the Mother Spirits, and as a result, the Creating Force structured existence into three distinct worlds, each corresponding to the merits of the Spirits and their associated Sayyals, and all subject to Divine Justice:
      -The Divine Spiritual Worlds, consisting of 150 levels.
      -The Lofty Worlds, or Paradises, consisting of 150 levels.
      -The Infernal Worlds, or Hell, consisting of 150 levels.

      God created for each of the levels in each world specific laws. As to the Spirits living in the Worlds of truth and eternal bliss, God created within them the Lofty Spiritual Ideals—meaning true images of Perfect Divinity that all the fallen Sayyals emanating from them and scattered throughout the 150 levels of Paradises and Hell would yearn for them. God also made the fallen Sayyals susceptible to materialize in forms agreeable to the level that they merited through their own free will, thus becoming shadows of their Spiritual Ideals. Likewise, every Sayyal in the physical world has a Lofty Spiritual Ideal that corresponds to its true reality in the Spiritual World. These Spiritual Ideals are Spiritual Powers that possess the perfection of the Mother Spirit and is in constant contact with it as well as with all the fallen Sayyals that are its shadows. In order to make it possible to envision this truth, we can imagine the Divine Spirit not as an individual being or a great single sun, rather more like a great galaxy containing stars and planets rotating around a great power forming its axis and containing all forms of nature that we know, however, not as an imperfect material form susceptible to decay, as we know it, but rather as spiritual, immortal, and perfect.”

      I hope this answers your question.


      Mounir Murad

  4. Dear Mr. Murad,
    I’m trying to figure out what this certain passage meant by galaxies:
    “In order to make it possible to envision this truth, we can imagine the Divine Spirit not as an individual being or a great single sun, rather more like a great galaxy containing stars and planets rotating around a great power forming its axis and containing all forms of nature that we know, however, not as an imperfect material form susceptible to decay, as we know it, but rather as spiritual, immortal, and perfect.”
    From what I understand about quantum theory, there can be the possibility of numerous dimensions that contain numerous galaxies. In fact our Universe is made up of billions of galaxies. But there can be higher dimensions that contains Multi-verses. Is any of this compatible with the excerpt that you’ve given me on the subject?
    Forgive me, most of this is very complex to me. I guess that’s God though.

    Thank you again.

    • Dear Brian,

      You are taking this sentence too literally. It was meant as an analogy. It is very hard to relate to an entity in a world that is free from matter or time-space, so to assist in how we should understand it, the author used an analogy, that says don’t view the Spirit as a single sun, rather, it should be viewed as a galaxy with billions of suns and planets. This has nothing to do with physics or science.

      Please take care,


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