June 1, 2015

Each year, on June 1st, Daheshists throughout the globe celebrate the birth of our Beloved and Guiding Prophet. It is on this day in 1909 that Heavens sent its Son to guide humanity.

35 years ago, our Beloved Dr. Dahesh was in Beirut and this photo was taken during this occasion:

dahesh-june1-1980                                                                      Dr. Dahesh on June 1, 1980

May this June 1st be the start of a new chapter for humanity filled with love, respect, and the return to basic moral values prescribed by all religions.

Mounir Murad

4 thoughts on “June 1, 2015

  1. Indeed, may God bless this graceful day, this very unique day; the 1st of June which created a luminous eternal braid of events in our lives, as believers in the holy mission, that shelters us, as long as we keep to its words.
    It shelters us against the arrows of darkness that sketches the perishing doors of hell.

    The words of light are Dr. Dahesh’s free gift, they are the cloak of protection in our hot times.

    May God bless you all

  2. Hello everyone,
    Lately I’ve been needing a little advice as I’ve been thinking about my purpose here. Why I should be on this Earth, what I’m supposed to do, and how I’m supposed to do it. Honestly I only have ideas and desires. Looking at the Doctor’s life, it inspires me to believe that I can do anything that I Choose in God. However, there are times when I don’t even know if I’m doing what I’m supposed to do. Sometimes, it seems that right and wrong are just subjective concepts that we human beings make up that really have no objective meaning. What might be right to some might be wrong for another. How do I know for sure? The Doctor taught much about ethical living and right and wrong, yet why is “right” and “wrong” so subjective? I need some insight, please pray for me.
    P.S. I wanted to know if it’s permissible to ask the Dr. Dahesh to help and guide me.
    Thank you.

    • Dear Brian,

      We are on earth because we merited being here. In other words, the deeds of our past life/lives brought our Sayyals to the level of earth. The exceptions to this would be the Prophets, Messengers, and Spiritual Guides. So, the purpose of our existence is to elevate spiritually by following acts of love, compassion, righteousness, sacrifice, humanity, humility, and avoiding acts of hatred, bigotry, evil, selfishness, and arrogance, while at the same time receive punishment and rewards for our past deeds and in accordance to a Divine Justice System set in place by the Creating Force. The answer to your first question is to follow the path set for us by the Prophets aimed at living righteously.

      Your second question regarding right and wrong can be summed this way: “Absolute Truth” exists, however, our understanding of this truth is relative. Take the simple issue of eating pork: In Judaism and Islam, eating pork is prohibited. Is it because it is a Spiritual “wrong” or is it because improper cooking of pork can lead to certain diseases and we were given guidance thousands of years ago, where proper preparation would lead to sickness or death? How about the issue of circumcision? Do you recall the conflict between the Apostle Paul and the rest of the Apostles in Jerusalem? If you interpret what is written in holy books literally, you’ll reach many black and white conclusions. However, not many things in life are black and white, rather they are shades of gray. There are reasons for being told not to engage in certain acts, because they will lead to degradation of our Sayyals, hence more suffering in future lives. Why is it prohibited for a person to engage in sexual relations in a promiscuous manner? Typical religions do not have an answer. In Daheshism we know that it is because of entanglement of the Sayyals of that individual with the Sayyals of those that he/she had sexual relations with that it may take thousands of reincarnations to get untangled and be on the path towards Spiritual elevation that ultimately will lead to leaving the physical world and returning to our Mother Spirits.

      As to asking Dr. Dahesh for guidance, of course you can. Just remember that he is part of the Christ entity, which is part of the Heavenly Father and no guidance can take place without Him.

      I hope I answered your questions.


      Mounir Murad

  3. Dear Mr. Murad,
    I thought about what you said. Especially how there is an absolute truth but our understanding of it is relative. I thought about how if that’s the case it’s because we as human beings are evolving in all directions, including our ethics and morality. I thought that if we do evolve morally it’s because human beings have been “creating” this morality throughout the times but at the same time, there is a Divine assistance at work. We are in some way the manifestation of Spirit along with all creation. The only way anything changes is due to a series of cause and effects along with a forward “Motion” that inspires it. It’s for this reason that the Law of Karma which is the Law of Life started to make sense for me. Without it we would not grow, move, or live. We would never be able to experience and create ourselves into The Greatest Vision We ever had of Ourselves at the core level. Some find that there way of doing this was destructive, while other’s were constructive. This is why I think there’s Karma and Divine Commandments (ethics) so that this dream of ours (life) doesn’t become a nightmare. However I have learned that morals will not enlighten a soul. They can point in the right direction, but they’ll never enlighten. Only waking up to Who We Really Are and that We are and always will be One with God, will do that. The rest is a battle for it’s manifestation.
    Anyway I want to say thank you Mounir for your advice which helped me out.
    P.S. Do you happen to know how I can get in contact with Mario Chakkour? I want to try to get in touch with as many Daheshists I can.

    Thanks again and God bless.

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