The Prison Sentence

My soul was sentenced and imprisoned!

Not by any human court or justice system,

Rather, by a Just Order of Divine Justice.


My crime or multiple crimes and transgressions

Are unknown to me, yet my presence in this life,

Is proof positive of my unadulterated guilt.


I live my life surrounded by others of varied transgressions,

Yet, God only knows what theirs are!

I dare not stipulate, because that would be like “casting the first stone.”


We are all oblivious to our true reality!

To some, our life situations are attributed to luck and to others, it is fate!

Yet some may even venture to label them as strictly random occurrences.


The truth of the matter, we are all serving prison sentences,

And our only way out is to fully serve them.

There are no shortcuts or easy exits!


A served sentence severs our soul from our human form,

Where it stands anew to further retributions and rewards.

No deed is forgotten or ignored! Yet the sentence always fits the crime!


Fed up with my situation, I reach out to my Maker day in, day out,

Beseeching Him for mercy and compassion to lessen my sentence.

An innate voice always answers me saying: “Have faith! He always does.”


Mounir Murad

September 5, 2010