Daheshism Turns 68

Over three millennia had passed since Moses presented us
with the Ten Commandments and the most basic of laws to live righteously and
that form the basis of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Two millennia had
passed since Lord Christ preached to us about humility, compassion, and love. A
millennium and a half had passed since the Prophet Muhammad turned the pagans
of the Arabian Peninsula into God fearing people. Three Prophets of God who are
descendants of the Prophet Abraham had laid down the ground rules for proper
human behavior and provided us with a wealth of information about our
existence. One may think that followers of these religions would recognize the
lineage and would respect each other. Instead, each religion fractured and in
addition to intra-faith fighting, interfaith fighting continues to this day.


Since the times of Moses and to this day, humanity endured
the most horrific acts of violence—all in the name of religion. In reality, no
religion would sanction such behavior. From the late 19th Century
and to this day, scientific knowledge and discovery brought humanity many
inventions and accomplishments, but also brought along with it doubt about the
Creator of this universe and spirituality. Christ’s gospel of humility, compassion,
and love did not dissuade Christians from fighting each other in World War I.
Despite the horrors of this war, humanity did not learn its lesson and a more
brutal and ferocious World War II resulted.


While World War II raged on, humanity drowned in its own
hatred and evils and man exploited fellow man in the most horrific forms
employing the most unjust methods. It is difficult to predict how world events
may develop and lead humanity to World War III—a war unlike any other, because
it could cause worldwide devastation and possibly the extinction of life on
earth. Fulfilling the prophecies of all Holy Books, God’s mercy provided
humanity with a new path to salvation on March 23, 1942, when the Spirits
declared through Dr. Dahesh the advent of Daheshism. The noble teachings of
Daheshism will bring man the realization that all religions are of the same
source and that they all lead to salvation. Also, Daheshism will quench the
thirst of those seeking knowledge and enlightenment about the Spiritual Worlds,
Divine Justice, the purpose of our existence, and the ultimate goal of being
one with the Creator.


Although our Beloved and Guiding Prophet had left us to
return to his World about 26 years ago, the resolve of Daheshists to spread his
Divine message to humanity will not waver. No hardship will dissuade true
believers from moving forward; no inconvenience or loss of physical property
will weaken their faith; and no persecution or even martyrdom will stop
Daheshism from reaching anyone who merited the privilege and honor to receive
Divine Guidance. Daheshism is not for the timid and weak hearted individuals
and definitely not for those who are arrogant, vain, and materialistic. If you
are a Daheshist and you have not lived by your responsibilities towards
Daheshism and our Beloved and Guiding Prophet, then grave Spiritual
consequences will ensue.


The march is on and Daheshism will prevail!


Mounir Murad

March 20, 2010