In Remembrance!

The 25th Commemoration

Mounir Murad
April 9, 2009

It was on this day, April 9, 1984 that Our Beloved and Guiding Prophet completed his mission of presenting humanity with the divine gift of Daheshism. It was a very difficult mission, however, the difficulties did not stop him from delivering his message with courage, determination, and confidence. He lived a life full of anguish from those who persecuted him and who attempted to derail his efforts; from the overall behavior of humanity; and from the behavior of those closest to his heart that did not abide by his wishes or by Spiritual instructions. He delivered his message to humanity and returned to the paradise that he originated from to enjoy the fruits of his labor. May God shower his Soul with Divine rewards for the path he laid down for us and leading to our salvation.

Yes, he departed from us 25 years ago and we are so happy that his Soul escaped from the constraints of the human body and became free again to roam the universe. April 9th, 1984 marks the day when the responsibility of continuing what our Beloved had started fell on our shoulders. It is not a matter to be taken lightly, for our Spiritual progression or degradation hinges on: our action or inaction; proper or improper conduct; attentiveness or carelessness to Spiritual instructions; and to follow or disregard the wishes of our Beloved Prophet and Christ.

On April 12th, 1984, I stood by his body just before the closing of the casket and saw his face for the last time in this life. However, my heart will always be with him. I had no doubt about the difficult path that lay ahead. I was then young and untested by life. I envisioned Daheshists immediately coalescing to fulfill the wishes of our Beloved and the Spirit. However, I was very naïve then and did not fully understand what it means to be human. As Daheshists, we are driven by many desires and weaknesses—just like other human beings. We are neither an exception, nor are we exceptional except for our privilege in knowing the Beloved during his life. But privilege doesn’t get us anywhere unless we step up to the plate and make our mark on humanity. Our Beloved once said: “The struggle for the sake of Daheshism is a sacred duty that no Daheshist can escape.” He also said: “The coward—in my belief—is unworthy of living” and “Dear Daheshist, always envision how the end was for the traitor and cursed (Iscariot)…be careful not to fall!”

From the human aspect, the recent collapse of the world economy proved that there are no guarantees in life. If someone is waiting for a clear sign to act, old age and death may come first and an opportunity that may come once in thousands of life cycles is wasted. Our Beloved once said: “Men are two kinds: There are men who kiss the feet of masters to attain glory, and then there are men that glory wishes to kiss their feet, yet they refuse.” Then there are those that do not have full understanding of Daheshism, yet they are eager to promote it, not for the sake of Daheshism per se, but rather to satisfy their own ego and glory. Our Beloved once said: “We all claim knowledge on a wide range of topics, while in reality ignorance fills our hearts.” Time has not stopped, so do we pass on the responsibility to future generations at the expense of our Spiritual progression? Clearly, the choice is up to each one of us to make.