A Sad Day!

By Hilda Murad
April 9, 2009

Today Thursday, April 9, 2009, it is a black day for me and the Daheshists of the world, it is a very sad day because our beloved prophet Dr. Dahesh passed away.  On this day on April 9, 1984, we became orphans, for we lost our heavenly and earthly father.  Today, I was thinking how the days and years pass so fast. The current events taking place in Beirut, Lebanon took me back to the good old days, some 34 years ago when Dr. Dahesh used to say Lebanon is a country I would have loved had they listened to my prophecy. Dr. Dahesh recalls the black days of Lebanon and did his best to advocate the unity of religions and save its people by telling its Christians and Muslims and all other religions have to live in harmony under the title “Unity of Religions.” However, they thought that he is insane and dangerous in his preaching and attacked him, put him prison, and tried to kill him.  If the Lebanese people were wise they would have listened to him and tried to understand his philosophy, but instead, they followed blindly their rulers and religious people. This is the result, God sends you a prophet or a messenger to lead you to righteousness and if you choose not to follow his message, then you are responsible and deserve whatever happens to you.

I am an American with an Arab background and my mother is Lebanese. I had to leave Lebanon in the year 1975, when the war was tearing apart that beautiful country. I was always hoping that the situation would get better and I would go back, unfortunately, this did not take place.

The Lebanese people have to dig and read about the black or dark days of Dr. Dahesh, when he was attacked by President Bechara El-Khoury for no reason just because he was calling for the Unity of Religions and people should respect every religion and not fight it.  The Christians that attacked and imprisoned Dr. Dahesh had no religion because if they feared God they wouldn’t have done what they did and misled their own followers.  The Lebanese people should be wise after suffering from the misery of war and the suffering they went through. My advise to them is to look for the truth, go and dig the history of Dr. Dahesh and his philosophy of Unity of Religion and follow it.  This is when Lebanon will change and prosper and God will help the Lebanese people because they have changed and followed the path of righteousness.

When they were mocking Dr. Dahesh in Lebanon, no political figure, no reporter, no professor and no lawyer defended him as a Lebanese, especially when President Bechara El-Khoury deprived him from his nationality and threw him out beyond the borders so that he would be kill. These events took place because the sister in-law of the President, Mrs. Marie Haddad and her family believed in Dr. Dahesh. They put her in jail and then in a mental hospital claiming that she is crazy, while Marie Haddad was writing her memoir and books about Dr. Dahesh and Daheshism and books attacking her sister and her husband Bechara El-Khoury.  History will not forget this act; the Lebanese people from South America were calling for his defense but no one from Lebanon.  The following are some main points of the Daheshism doctrine:

• Virtually all religions deliver the same message. Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and others are similar in their teachings of the word of God; however, organized religion over the centuries had played on social differences to create chasms between them—chasms that promote their own ideology and their financial and political gains.

• Prophets may differ in the delivery of their messages due to cultural, social, or spiritual reasons, however, their message is one and the same. If people practice what they believe, the world would be a better place.

• The Ten commandments are the corner stone of each religion.

• Reincarnation is a vehicle to administer God’s justice.

• Our life on this planet is for a specified duration in order to improve ourselves and elevate our souls. Once we die, we may reincarnate on other worlds throughout the universe.

• The universe is full of inhabited worlds, where some are better than Earth and are called the Worlds of Paradise and some are worse than Earth and are called the Worlds of Hell. Living entities are placed in such worlds depending on their spiritual progression (i.e.; their acts, merits, or accomplishments).

• All of God’s creation follow laws and rules according to their spiritual level. Animals, plants, and inanimate objects have their own system, just as we have our own.

What I have learned from Dr. Dahesh that even a tree had evil and good tendencies and can make it possible or forbid a snake from climbing to a bird’s nest perched on its branches. No matter what decision the tree makes, it will be held accountable for it and will face the appropriate consequences. A car can have good or evil tendencies that may protect its driver or lead him to death. A house can have good or evil tendencies that can affect the behavior of the people living in it. Spiritual entities can descend into this world to perform acts of kindness or discipline. We should never envy people for what they have or how they feel, because they have merited being in this position. God is just and fair and what we plant in this life we cultivate in this life and in other life/lives. Dr. Dahesh told me that after Jesus had healed the man inflicted with paralysis, he ran into him in the Temple and said to him: “Listen, you are well now; so stop sinning or something worse may happen to you.” This is a direct explanation of the relationship between our behavior and what kind of retribution or punishment we experience.

I end this text by saying that the philosophy of Dr. Dahesh is tremendously broad and I am stopping at this point because I just want to put few lines on this sad and dark day, the day we lost our savior Dr. Dahes–an event that coincides this year short by one day with the death of our savior Jesus Christ. They were both messengers of God to guide and save humanity and we should do our best to follow their teachings and messages. Their messages are the same, because Jesus Christ said I did not come to abolish former religions but to add to them.