City of Messengers and Prophets

On April 9th, 1984, our Beloved and Guiding Prophet departed from this world and his remains were laid to rest on April 12th, 1984. Exactly 10 years prior, he wrote an inspired poem describing his Soul’s journey to the City of Messengers and Prophets. The poem concludes with a return to this City after his time on earth comes to a close.

On this day, our Beloved, we remember the times we spent with you and remind ourselves that you were a Prophet of God and the Spirit of Christ that lived in our midst, yet very few recognized you. May your struggles and sacrifices during your life on earth motivate many to follow the path of righteousness and love that you had laid down for us to follow.

City of Messengers and Prophets

There, beyond the enormously distant galaxies,
And through those vast gaps extending through out the heavens,
And after I pass by millions of planets spread through out the deep open space,
And cross the homes of bright meteors and the exciting and illuminating stars,
I long to reach the City of Messengers and Prophets…home of the righteous and the pure.

My travel through the endless space continues,
While observing heavenly planets and lofty worlds,
Seeing things that never cross anyone’s mind,
And affirm the greatness of the Creator,
My Soul trembled in awe to what it had touched and observed.

I departed these lofty and noble habitations,
Crossing in Spirit endless and desolate regions [of space],
Where there appeared before me the irrefutable greatness of the Creator,
And I was stunned by all the guarded secrets that were unveiled to me,
So, I bowed down to the Creator of people and beings, glory to His name.

My Spiritual journey through the vast oceans of space continues,
For millions of years—turning into billions of years,
And exposing me to an endless series of great divine spectacles,
So, I fell on my face beseeching the Creator,
To expand my intellect and knowledge, as well as inspire in me the secrets of eternity.

After traveling for billions of years into the deepest regions of space,
There appeared to me the ghost of a magical city,
Created by God in a fascinating Spiritual region,
And in approaching the city,
I realized that its beauty and dazzle are beyond description,
And the divine magnificence of its music delights the ears and captures the minds;
At that point my Soul was intoxicated and I fell into an intense heavenly slumber.

As I returned to my awakened state, the angel of the Holy City informed me that my intoxication lasted for a million years,
And I saw Lord Christ, Buddha, Muhammad, Moses, Elijah, Isaiah, Nahum, David, Daniel, Solomon, Hosea, and a great crowd of Messengers and Prophets.
The Prophets spoke together, as if they were one mouth and one tongue saying to me:
You, who come to us from the world we were sent to previously,
If you deliver your Message properly,
And withstand persecution by the inhabitants of earth and if they falsely accuse you,
Then you will reach this divine planet after your earthly life concludes,
And you will live in our midst under the care of the Creator of all beings.

Dr. Dahesh,
April 12, 1974