I Shall Sing

On March 23 of each year, Daheshists throughout the world celebrate the birth of Daheshism. It was on this day in 1942 that the Daheshist Mission was proclaimed. On this day, we honor our Beloved and Guiding Prophet by presenting to the reader one of his writings titled “I Shall Sing.” It is a good reminder to all of us that Daheshism was his main joy and purpose in life and that we need to do our utmost in order to make his wishes closer to coming true.

I Shall Sing

When the prominence of the Daheshist Religion grows strong in the United States…I shall sing!

When its branches spread extensively throughout the States imbedding themselves into the hearts of their citizens…I shall sing!

When it extends beyond America to all countries, crossing capitals, and conquering unexplored regions and cities…I shall sing!

When its foundations are strengthened and become deeply rooted—like towering mountains…I shall sing!

When Daheshist temples are built and within them spiritual supplications are raised…I shall sing!

When the flute is played in submissiveness to the Creator of the worlds, galaxies, nebulas and planets…I shall sing!

When the hands of believers draw in humility the flames of their Holy “Ramz” closer to their faces…I shall sing!

Yes, just as the Prophet David sang in humility before his Creator, so I shall be humbled and sing.

Just as the sister of the Prophet Moses sang when the Pharaoh and his army drowned and the Israelites were saved, so I shall sing!

Just as the daughter of the leader Jephthah sang when he returned from war victoriously, so I shall sing.

With God’s help, Daheshism will spread throughout the world…and I shall sing!

I will drink until intoxication from the wine of Daheshist victory and my soul will soar heavenward, where I shall sing and sing!!

Dr. Dahesh,
January 22, 1977