Daheshism Against Extremist Religious Political Movements


Daheshism is a message of hope peace and above all brotherly love.

It’s a heavenly message that stood against religious and political extremism, defying all teachings that try to plant its seed in the innocent minds of the pure hearted believers in God everywhere in the world, raising their faith, and demolishing all chains of religious, gender, racial, and political discrimination.

It’s a great, honor, and pleasure for us, as Daheshists, to spread the teachings of this glorified heavenly message; Daheshism, in a place where Daheshist gatherings are permitted under God’s merciful watchful eye. It’s a great blessing.

It’s very important to cast light upon a social and threating issue that the world is facing; the rise of political movements that hide under the guise of religion. One of them is ISIS or ISIL movement, with the Arabic acronyms of DA’ISH (referring to Islamic State in Iraq and el-Sham–Syria). This should not be confused with our Prophet Dahesh, which is an Arabic word meaning “astounding” or “wonderful”. The closeness in the way the words are pronounced may lead people to think that they are one and the same! However, nothing can be further from the truth. They are seas and oceans apart. This is like saying “typical” or “atypical” are the same, rather than being antonyms.

Daheshism is a lofty Spiritual Movement and a Religion of enlightenment. Its main goal is to return humanity to the belief in a Creator through enlightenment and affirmation of scientific facts and not through violence and ignorance. Our Heavenly Mission and other religions giving rise to religious extremism are at odds with each other for many reasons, among them:

  1. Daheshism believes in a Just and Divine Spiritual Order that administers Justice throughout the universe and the transition from one state of being to another is accomplished through reincarnation.
  1. Daheshism believes in the presence of Sayyals; Spiritual Fluids that connect the Spiritual Worlds with the Material Worlds that are spread out through the multiverse, each with a specific Spiritual rank and responsible for the presence of all forms of life, be they suns, planets moons, vegetation, animal, human…etc. The term spiritual fluid is inspired by God to Gibran Khalil Gibran, and is explained by the founder of Daheshism, especially when it was established on the 23d of March 1942, in Beirut-Lebanon.
  1. Daheshism believes in the essence of all religions to be the same. Hence, there is unity of religions in Daheshism and all are considered different tracts leading to the Creator and all are instruments of enlightenment of various degrees. Daheshism, for example, diverge from Abrahamic religions in considering Buddhism and its sects as legitimate beliefs inspired by a very great spiritual guide, namely Buddha. It is sad to witness the destruction of Buddhist relics and temples and those of other religions and societies by the hands of ignorant religious extremists.

Last but not least, Daheshists are made out of predominantly educated people, physicians like the late Georges Khabsa and Dr. Farid Abu Suleiman, and many others. Those are people that believed from the bottom of their hearts, because they saw truth and Logic in the Divine Daheshist Mission. They saw in Dr. Dahesh, a very great Messenger and Prophet of God–a man of miracles who strengthened their faith in God through heavenly miracles, and consequently suffered the bitterness of persecution at the hands of ignorant people. After the Lebanese civil war broke in Lebanon in 1975, the United States was chosen by the Spirit to be the launching pad for the new Mission. May the ideals of liberty, freedom of expression and religion reign throughout the world.