Dr. Dahesh

By Y. S.

Dr. Dahesh, The beloved guide, left a great and unparalleled spiritual legacy which
is backed by concrete proofs, in which every person who works and believes in
it shall obtain spiritual salvation. The beloved guide (Dr. Dahesh) was known
as the, top persecuted, for what bestowed him of psychological and physical
torment, where pens are unable to detail its events and rocks would be crushed
due to its massiveness. But he defeated it all by the power of God Almighty,
passing all hurdles, and his teachings gained victory in the hearts of his
believers who got the bitterest persecution too. So we have the right to cheer
with Prophet David, saying: “Sing for the highest, and have joy in the
making of his hands, praise him O Children of the Earth. Praise him, all ye
angels of heaven. And Bless his name, O planets that cannot be counted. And
show reverence to his divine lights O gorgeous sun.”

Therefore we cannot but have reverence in our hearts when repeating these influential
words of Dr. Dahesh which make the hardened rocks cry saying: “My Lord,
strengthen me take me back and direct my steps towards virtue, remove from deep
down the tendencies of vile, and make me not a prisoner of worldly desires,
Purify my heart, O God, and Cleanse my spirit, and lift me from my melancholic self,
save me from my pitfalls, do not let me prey to terrible sins, cleanse me, O
God, and let me be in your shady paradise. “

These words were of help to us in the times of trouble and physical weaknesses which
he fought without fatigue or relentless and were written in the books and were
the talk of people. And on his harp he casted the words of the spiritual
scorching sword to turned into a lighthouse to illuminate the conscience of
each of his disciples who had shaded under it in the infernal earth, and asking
with his tolerant big heart the Divine mercy to forgive his enemies, signing them
by his luminous wonderful words saying: “Be gentle on your  worshipers  who lost the right path, and let calamities and scourges be away from them, guide their steps, and hit their stride, and remove the anxiety about them, and let calmness inhabit their hearts, and have their steps be on
the straight path, and forgive their sins, since you are the Forgiving, and the Merciful.”

So, don’t these words remind us of the desperate cry of Jesus Christ, peace be upon
him, that say “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do”?

Then the beloved guide proceeds his tour on this earth which he tested since
childhood, and which he described it as the land of misery and unhappiness,
knowing the weaknesses of his followers as his strong belief in God almighty,
saying:” I am extremely weak, O God, and my strength is drawn from you. “

So by his great faith he roamed by his ship the horrifying temptations of sin
penetrating it reaching the depths of hell, warning its residents by a voice
that was resounded by the
elements of the universe, shattering the gates of hell saying: “the
divine eye that ordered to follow virtue and to stay away from immorality will
not be patient enough until the knockout blow comes, Will humans refrain from
atheism before they meet their awful fate.”

But he did not leave the pillars of hell without fighting the lord of evil, so that
his earth shaking words reached his ears as if of horrifying angelic cry,
saying: money gives you what you aspire, but is unable to give you the
psychological comfort, and spiritual happiness.”

After this great victory he roams this earth of scourge holding with his hand his
fiery torches of faith and salvation, that carved the rocks of the universe by
the healing stings of his words, chiseling by simple faith and the sword of the
word following words: “do good and Aid the needy, you’ll get

So the creatures of the universe gathered around him previewing the effects of his
physical pain, and being took with surprise and humbleness, they threw
themselves around him asking him about the road to heaven, but he shouted at
them because of their worshiping saying: “the road to heaven is in your
heart and the heart of every person who lives on this earth For through good
deeds the road to heaven is shown clear to you.”

And thereby the listeners won a lesson and put him their guide, and their head
priest, and praised with him God Almighty alone.

And suddenly a great sound of trumpet was heard warning about the start of pain and
physical temptations, and behold, the voice of the prophet overshadowing the
elements of the universe to announce that the spiritual warfare and martyrdom
for the sake of Daheshism means gaining access to the paradise of bliss, to
enjoy eternal beauty. “

So they held their weapons to fight and the weapons were turned to luminary
objects with extreme glitter to guide the faithful, and to blind his enemies,
and suddenly the lights immerged composing strange letters. And they started
asking about their meanings, and others cried bitterly for not being able to decode
those words. But Dr. Dahesh interpreted them saying: “Let our deeds be
directed towards truth and virtue, it is better for us for the other

But they also wept because the material substance that was in their hands had
turned to luminary spiritual things, and they were afraid of infidel hunger;
since they will not be able to eat anything. And the guide cried out saying: “The capital of Daheshism is men who are sincere in their call, who believe in their faith. And its way is the
continuous struggle against the unjust rulers.”

And at that moment a road emerged in front of
them, that extended toward the sky, and they went on it like bright like stars
and planets, to be opened before them eternal celestial treasures that cannot
be spoiled or rust, Jewelries that couldn’t be described. Then suddenly, the
beloved guide turned his face from his high place, and his face having the look
of the hopeful and victorious, and his eyes seemed in the face of every
creature penetrating each one’s psychological veil underlining the following
words: “Let the earthlings who are steeped in iniquity that encircles them
to their heads know that there is a divine watching eye that counts on the
creatures of the world their entire deeds, no matter how small they were. And
let the Earthlings be assured that the hour of condemnation is at hand with
lightning speed. “

Then the door was closed and no one dared to enter at that time. And his words
encircled earth as if of an iron ring, like a mighty revengeful sword, and it
was like an open book! And the sky lightened and thundered.


At 2:26 in the afternoon.