A New Year!

2013 is upon us. It brings with it countless possibilities
deemed constructive, destructive, or innocuous for the world, country, the
Daheshist Mission, and myself. With all things being relative, it is unlikely
that we view these possibilities the same way. What is deemed constructive in
my view may be looked at as destructive or innocuous in someone else’s view and
vice versa. Nonetheless, I have hopes and reservations for the New Year.

Will the people of the world:

Refrain from violence in all of its colors?

Protect the human rights of individuals of all races?

Respect the religious freedom of all creeds?

Promote the brotherhood of mankind?

Pollute less and repair the damages inflicted on nature?

Open their hearts and minds to end territorial, political,
and dogmatic disputes?

Help each other in the aftermath of natural or
human-inflicted disasters?


Will the people of our great nation:

Realize that true citizenry comes from love, hope, and

Set aside long-held biases and stereotypes?

Be humble, yet compassionate and resolved?

Restrict weaponry to prevent senseless killings?

Use technology to improve human conditions?

Innovate and invent tools to enhance human knowledge?

Move closer to spirituality and away from meaningless


Will members of the Daheshist Faith:

Comprehend the urgency to promote their faith?

Understand that life is fragile and short?

Stop looking at others for leadership and relegate the task
to our Beloved?

Forgo material gains for Spiritual elevation?

Allow love to conquer their hearts?

Cloak away arrogance and replace it with humility?

Come together for the Spiritual aid of humanity?


Will I:

Maintain my strength to serve the Noble Mission?

Depart from this world to start anew?

Find the peace of mind that I seek?

Be able to simplify my life further?

Find a stronger new love to overpower a lost one?

Shield my heart from further injuries?

Walk tall in the aftermath of human experiences?


Questions that remain to be answered as we journey through
this New Year!

Mounir Murad

January 1, 2013