Who is the Rightful Successor of Dr. Dahesh?

An essay on the “Rightful Successor of Dr. Dahesh” has been posted on our main website http:/www.daheshism.com

The following is a quick introduction:

the departure of our Beloved Prophet from this world on April 9, 1984,
many Daheshists and non-Daheshists alike, wondered about who is his
rightful successor. Some Daheshists held the position that since Dr.
Dahesh entrusted the copyrights to his books and his art and book
collections to a prominent Daheshist family then the head of that
family must be his rightful successor and subsequently her offspring.
Unfortunately, such a deduction cannot be further away from the truth!
Individuals with such reasoning cannot be blamed though, because they
have no knowledge of the actual wishes and commands of our Beloved
Prophet and those of the Divine Spirit.

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