April 9, 1984

Spring is upon us after a difficult winter season! Signs of rebirth and beauty are all around us. It is a reminder that no matter how difficult things can get, there will come a day when these difficulties will subside. Throughout history, acts of aggression and oppression do last a while, but sooner or later, they will disappear. Just look at the evil of slavery, or the tyrannical rule of the Soviet Union. It is with this hope that I look at the departure of our Beloved Prophet from our midst on April 9, 1984.

He brought humanity a message of love, righteousness, and knowledge, however, only a few individuals believed in him—especially in the Middle East. After 31 years from his passing, the Middle East had transformed from stable, but oppressive and nondemocratic governments, to states full of violence and total disregard to human rights and the sanctity of human life. Some of the gruesome killings that we hear about just about every day are unprecedented and a return to savagery.

Middle Eastern countries aside, the world had changed considerably. Religious teachings are being modified to suit the needs of certain groups, while others declare that religions are dead or outdated, therefore abandoning the belief in a Creating Force. What a shame and a travesty! Human arrogance reached a point that man thinks that with his scientific knowledge they can confirm that the universe created itself out of nothing! Seriously! The massive energy that expanded and created the universe had to come from someplace! What happened to the scientific principle that energy cannot be created or destroyed, that it just changes form?

It is not only arrogance, but also defiance to the laws brought forth by the Prophets over the ages. Even the clergy of many religions are engaged in acts completely contrary to what their religion calls for! If this is not hypocrisy, I don’t know what is! Daheshism was born on March 23, 1942 in order to bring humanity spiritual enlightenment and greater appreciation for the powers of the Creating Force. Yes, our Beloved Prophet departed from us on this day, however, his Lofty Message of love, righteousness, beauty, knowledge, and faith will live in the hearts of certain people forever.

Mounir Murad

The Storm of Horrors

Written by Y. S.

The plane was flying us over the Pacific Ocean,
and the wind caused by a devastating hurricane attracted it towards it little
by little. The passengers watched that hurricane as it was approaching them
like a strong demonic octopus, where it is impossible for any submarine to get
away from it, if it is destined to fall into its deadly clutches. The pilot has
made all his might in an effort to maintain the balance of the plane and escape
from the control of the devastating cyclone, but to no avail. The waves of the
sea were so high that made the viewer feel that the plane was flying over the
Alps and valleys. It is really an infernal view.

The plane was falling slowly in spite of the
strong resistance made by the expert pilot to avoid the risk of crashing and
sinking. However, he managed to not make the plane come down suddenly. Once the
plane approached from the high waves, it was smitten as if by a mighty whip,
and then crashed helter-skelter. Suddenly the passengers found themselves mired
in the mighty tossing ocean. A huge whale emerged from the waves, many of whom
adhered to its tail, then dived into the water with it. The scene was repeated
with a squadron of other whales, where their fellow passengers followed their

However, one passenger was not destined to
survive. The cyclone swallowed him and threw him for several kilometers towards
the sky. He lost consciousness after losing hope to live. And here he charted
with his pen the details of his amazing story saying: in few moments ” I
found myself lying at the shore of an island that was full of palm trees. But I
preferred to rest because of the psychological and physical stresses which I
drank to the dreg. Moreover, I felt that faith, hope had raised several grades
in myself. After about two hours of meditation, I started to roam that island
to find a water well to quench my thirst, but hunger had reached fully. I tried
to climb the trees, but exhaustion was on the watch; for that kind of trees
needs a huge effort. I was under that difficult state for three days without
eating or drinking. Therefore, I decided to swim in the sea, and let the sea
current water take me wherever it wants.

Yes, I got that idea when the moon happened to be
in its full state; which is the time of the sea tide. I entered the water, and
walked assisted by my limited navigating experience, But, oh! What a horror, I
walked for several kilometers but the water remained below the level of my
knees. What is the explanation this strange incident? I followed the sun’s
direction to reach the beach. Thus walked, but to no avail.

Then I looked behind me, and beheld a shocking
spectacle which was impossible to happen. I have seen a very large oil tanker
passing by my side! I said to myself, how could such a big ship in maintain its
balance in the shallow water? Was I enchanted or in a dream? Thus, I ran behind
her to get on board. Moreover, the sunset was indicating the coming of the
nightfall. After a quarter of an hour of running, unfolded before me a green
forest in the water, where the ship was passing in its middle. I endeavored to
reach the forest, overcoming my great tiredness. There were trees of mango,
coconut, and orange. The water attracted these fruits towards me. I filled my
stomach from it quenching my thirst from its delicious and sweet tasted coconut
juice until full.

Once I reached the outskirts of the forest, the
water was almost up to the level of my neck. I deduced that the ship had
entered a river of fresh water. The forest’s vegetation was full of crystalline
and luminous plants floating on the water. The butterflies hovered around
crystal springs, and squirrels jumped from tree to tree.  as well as having the presence of the
plains and valleys. As I was seeing that great forest, I noticed an entrance to
a cave crowned with flowers that has multiple colors. Then I saw the statues of
fascinating nymphs where their heads were crowned with flowers of Lovely
eucalyptus. Suddenly, I heard noises, I felt that I had heard familiar voices.
They were coming from a high hill. I began climbing one of the eastern
mountains, until I saw myself standing at the riverbank at the bottom of that
ship. But I did not see anyone in it, I could not achieve the board because I
did not have ropes. The ship was standing equanimity sailing against the
current. In a moment, it commenced sailing, but I could not reach it despite
running on the riverbank. And grieved deeply However, surprisingly, I felt a
hand landing on my shoulder, as I turned I saw my brother who was with me on
the plane, I felt an overwhelming joy because of his amazing survival. He told
me: “Do not approach the ships for at their bottom there is a sharp blade
that may kill you. Tears of joy were flowing from our eyes. He then added:
“These are the passengers that were on the plane, they have miraculously
survived in a strange and surprising way. Then he gave me a fruit that looked
like apples and we ate it. He told me that this fruit is only present in this
place, and every passenger have eaten from them. In a moment, I felt a violent
dizziness in my head. And suddenly my brother dived into the water, and the
forest vanished. And the land became barren. I started to wander in the desert
for days. And I started to write down my memoirs after dipping a peace of straw
in my blood, and pouring it in a small shell. On the fifth day the weather was
very hot where I was enfolded by the ground’s fire blazing desert sun. And here
I am writing my last words. ”
That was his message.

 In the 29th of February of the year two thousand
and eleven, one of the elderly travelers saw a skeleton in the desert of Oman.
But what drew his attention was the existence of a shell that was found between
the ribs of the skeleton, where writings were written on its back. As he read
it memories took place in his mind. After that, he published those memoirs in a
newspaper. A large number of people read it. In the newspaper, It was written
that that he had invited a number of people in order to meet him at Muscat
International Airport. All was done after the verification of the flight
numbers and passenger names that were registered in the computer of the airline
company. One hundred and ninety-nine men and women attended the meeting; they
looked at each other with astonishment. There was silence for five minutes,
everyone was in complete surprise. A single incident has passed in their minds,
as if the giant had awoken. And they started to review all the days spent in
the mysterious ship, which was the reason for their deliverance. And how they
got to the city after losing their memory, because of drinking that strange
fruit’s syrup. Here they meet again, talking about the grace of God in every
way possible.

Nabay – North Metn, Lebanon.
Date: 05/09/2011 Time: 7:35 p.m.
An Important note: All events in this story are fictional.

An analytical overview to
the spiritual events of the story.

According to our Daheshist
faith, the spiritual events are based on the fact of spiritual justice. This is
what came in the third spiritual truth of the Daheshist principles, according
to what was revealed to our guiding beloved prophet; in brief, it states that
there is a high spiritual justice that compensates or penalizes every being according to
his/her deeds, no matter how minute the actions were; in other words to every
action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

We conclude from the story
that the divine mercy wanted survival to the passengers of the airplane. And we
believe that it’s due to their good deeds in a previous reincarnation. So we
can see the brotherly love of the hero’s brother, when he was overwhelmed by
true joy as he learned of his survival, and warning him of the dangerous ships.
I believe that he must have told the passengers, while on the spiritual journey
that he survived. However, the divine justice prevented the hero from joining
the ship for spiritual reasons.

As we can see, the passengers
met again, but under a spiritual preparation. However, the meeting never
happened but  according  to their own will. And the proof of
their great faith, was, obviously, telling everybody about their miraculous

It seems that the hero died,
to deliver the message.

Dr. Dahesh

By Y. S.

Dr. Dahesh, The beloved guide, left a great and unparalleled spiritual legacy which
is backed by concrete proofs, in which every person who works and believes in
it shall obtain spiritual salvation. The beloved guide (Dr. Dahesh) was known
as the, top persecuted, for what bestowed him of psychological and physical
torment, where pens are unable to detail its events and rocks would be crushed
due to its massiveness. But he defeated it all by the power of God Almighty,
passing all hurdles, and his teachings gained victory in the hearts of his
believers who got the bitterest persecution too. So we have the right to cheer
with Prophet David, saying: “Sing for the highest, and have joy in the
making of his hands, praise him O Children of the Earth. Praise him, all ye
angels of heaven. And Bless his name, O planets that cannot be counted. And
show reverence to his divine lights O gorgeous sun.”

Therefore we cannot but have reverence in our hearts when repeating these influential
words of Dr. Dahesh which make the hardened rocks cry saying: “My Lord,
strengthen me take me back and direct my steps towards virtue, remove from deep
down the tendencies of vile, and make me not a prisoner of worldly desires,
Purify my heart, O God, and Cleanse my spirit, and lift me from my melancholic self,
save me from my pitfalls, do not let me prey to terrible sins, cleanse me, O
God, and let me be in your shady paradise. “

These words were of help to us in the times of trouble and physical weaknesses which
he fought without fatigue or relentless and were written in the books and were
the talk of people. And on his harp he casted the words of the spiritual
scorching sword to turned into a lighthouse to illuminate the conscience of
each of his disciples who had shaded under it in the infernal earth, and asking
with his tolerant big heart the Divine mercy to forgive his enemies, signing them
by his luminous wonderful words saying: “Be gentle on your  worshipers  who lost the right path, and let calamities and scourges be away from them, guide their steps, and hit their stride, and remove the anxiety about them, and let calmness inhabit their hearts, and have their steps be on
the straight path, and forgive their sins, since you are the Forgiving, and the Merciful.”

So, don’t these words remind us of the desperate cry of Jesus Christ, peace be upon
him, that say “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do”?

Then the beloved guide proceeds his tour on this earth which he tested since
childhood, and which he described it as the land of misery and unhappiness,
knowing the weaknesses of his followers as his strong belief in God almighty,
saying:” I am extremely weak, O God, and my strength is drawn from you. “

So by his great faith he roamed by his ship the horrifying temptations of sin
penetrating it reaching the depths of hell, warning its residents by a voice
that was resounded by the
elements of the universe, shattering the gates of hell saying: “the
divine eye that ordered to follow virtue and to stay away from immorality will
not be patient enough until the knockout blow comes, Will humans refrain from
atheism before they meet their awful fate.”

But he did not leave the pillars of hell without fighting the lord of evil, so that
his earth shaking words reached his ears as if of horrifying angelic cry,
saying: money gives you what you aspire, but is unable to give you the
psychological comfort, and spiritual happiness.”

After this great victory he roams this earth of scourge holding with his hand his
fiery torches of faith and salvation, that carved the rocks of the universe by
the healing stings of his words, chiseling by simple faith and the sword of the
word following words: “do good and Aid the needy, you’ll get

So the creatures of the universe gathered around him previewing the effects of his
physical pain, and being took with surprise and humbleness, they threw
themselves around him asking him about the road to heaven, but he shouted at
them because of their worshiping saying: “the road to heaven is in your
heart and the heart of every person who lives on this earth For through good
deeds the road to heaven is shown clear to you.”

And thereby the listeners won a lesson and put him their guide, and their head
priest, and praised with him God Almighty alone.

And suddenly a great sound of trumpet was heard warning about the start of pain and
physical temptations, and behold, the voice of the prophet overshadowing the
elements of the universe to announce that the spiritual warfare and martyrdom
for the sake of Daheshism means gaining access to the paradise of bliss, to
enjoy eternal beauty. “

So they held their weapons to fight and the weapons were turned to luminary
objects with extreme glitter to guide the faithful, and to blind his enemies,
and suddenly the lights immerged composing strange letters. And they started
asking about their meanings, and others cried bitterly for not being able to decode
those words. But Dr. Dahesh interpreted them saying: “Let our deeds be
directed towards truth and virtue, it is better for us for the other

But they also wept because the material substance that was in their hands had
turned to luminary spiritual things, and they were afraid of infidel hunger;
since they will not be able to eat anything. And the guide cried out saying: “The capital of Daheshism is men who are sincere in their call, who believe in their faith. And its way is the
continuous struggle against the unjust rulers.”

And at that moment a road emerged in front of
them, that extended toward the sky, and they went on it like bright like stars
and planets, to be opened before them eternal celestial treasures that cannot
be spoiled or rust, Jewelries that couldn’t be described. Then suddenly, the
beloved guide turned his face from his high place, and his face having the look
of the hopeful and victorious, and his eyes seemed in the face of every
creature penetrating each one’s psychological veil underlining the following
words: “Let the earthlings who are steeped in iniquity that encircles them
to their heads know that there is a divine watching eye that counts on the
creatures of the world their entire deeds, no matter how small they were. And
let the Earthlings be assured that the hour of condemnation is at hand with
lightning speed. “

Then the door was closed and no one dared to enter at that time. And his words
encircled earth as if of an iron ring, like a mighty revengeful sword, and it
was like an open book! And the sky lightened and thundered.


At 2:26 in the afternoon.

A New Year!

2013 is upon us. It brings with it countless possibilities
deemed constructive, destructive, or innocuous for the world, country, the
Daheshist Mission, and myself. With all things being relative, it is unlikely
that we view these possibilities the same way. What is deemed constructive in
my view may be looked at as destructive or innocuous in someone else’s view and
vice versa. Nonetheless, I have hopes and reservations for the New Year.

Will the people of the world:

Refrain from violence in all of its colors?

Protect the human rights of individuals of all races?

Respect the religious freedom of all creeds?

Promote the brotherhood of mankind?

Pollute less and repair the damages inflicted on nature?

Open their hearts and minds to end territorial, political,
and dogmatic disputes?

Help each other in the aftermath of natural or
human-inflicted disasters?


Will the people of our great nation:

Realize that true citizenry comes from love, hope, and

Set aside long-held biases and stereotypes?

Be humble, yet compassionate and resolved?

Restrict weaponry to prevent senseless killings?

Use technology to improve human conditions?

Innovate and invent tools to enhance human knowledge?

Move closer to spirituality and away from meaningless


Will members of the Daheshist Faith:

Comprehend the urgency to promote their faith?

Understand that life is fragile and short?

Stop looking at others for leadership and relegate the task
to our Beloved?

Forgo material gains for Spiritual elevation?

Allow love to conquer their hearts?

Cloak away arrogance and replace it with humility?

Come together for the Spiritual aid of humanity?


Will I:

Maintain my strength to serve the Noble Mission?

Depart from this world to start anew?

Find the peace of mind that I seek?

Be able to simplify my life further?

Find a stronger new love to overpower a lost one?

Shield my heart from further injuries?

Walk tall in the aftermath of human experiences?


Questions that remain to be answered as we journey through
this New Year!

Mounir Murad

January 1, 2013








On Our Beloved and Guiding Prophet’s 1st Birthday Centennial

By Mounir Murad

What we perceive to be the “Truth” is in reality no more than a few slivers of light emanating from a bright star. Our knowledge, despite the rapid advancement in science, is at the kindergarten level—if that—when compared with the knowledge of the Lofty Worlds of this vast universe and that of any other universe(s). Even if we are able to travel at the speed of light, space exploration will remain limited to those stars that are reachable in our lifespan, such as Proxima Centauri Alpha, which is about 4.3 light years away from Earth. To travel across our galaxy would take 90,000 light years. To cross to the nearest galaxy would take 3,000,000 light years. Our universe contains about 125,000,000,000 galaxies, let alone any parallel universe(s). To say we are a grain of sand on the beach or a drop of water in an ocean would not be an overstatement. All that I just mentioned is true when viewed through the eyes of human beings using our understanding of the laws of physics. What if there are more advanced entities in the universe that travel vast distances in a nonlinear fashion by bending the space-time continuum? What if there are entities that travel at speeds faster than that of light? How could the vast energy that converted to mass during the Big Bang, thereby creating this universe, have existed from nothingness in violation of the laws of conservation of energy? How could the past, present, and future be one and the same for individuals endowed with Spiritual Powers, in the likes of Jesus Christ? Humanity will never be able to arrive to such answers on its own without intervention from powers that are far beyond its level. But how do these powers manifest themselves to humanity?

Daheshism is unique among religions in its ability to tie in all possible existences throughout this universe and other universe(s) to each other and to the Spiritual Worlds that created them. Granted, this knowledge is relative to our Spiritual merit and it is only at a very primitive level if compared to that of the Loftier Worlds. Albeit a primitive knowledge, yet it is a much more comprehensive view than what traditional religions or philosophies have to offer. This vast universe is ruled by the thousands of Sayyals (Spiritual Fluids) of the highest Spirit in the Spiritual Worlds before God, known as “Christ.” This powerful Spirit is not only the source of Prophets, Guides, and Reformers, but also the force behind the advancement of science, philosophy, literature, music, and art. Individuals such as Einstein, Socrates, Plato, Beethoven, Mozart, Shakespeare, and many others, can be viewed as Guides with a specific mission to extend humanity with a specific form of knowledge. The Sayyals of Christ brought us Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and many others. Mind you, each religion came at a specific period in history, for a specific group of people, and according to their Spiritual merit. It is this Great Spirit of Christ that brought humanity a 20th century manifestation of itself in the form of a new Prophet and Guide to fulfill the prophecies of the past and make new ones for the future.

Prophets of Judaism prophesied the coming of the Messiah. Today, Jews are still waiting for the Messiah. About 2000 years ago, they rejected Jesus Christ as the Messiah, because he did not fit into their image of what the Messiah is supposed to be, for he was the son of a carpenter and lived a very ascetic life. They envisioned the Messiah to come as a powerful king, rid them of the Roman rule, and restore to them the glory of Israel as it was during the rule of kings David and Solomon. Christians and Muslims are waiting for the second coming of Christ. Christians expect the second coming of Christ to be a spectacular scene, where Christ comes on a cloud and gather up all the believers. Most Muslims expect the returning Christ to preach Islam. The Shi’a, a sect of Islam, expect the “Mehdi” [The “Guided One” and redeemer of Islam] to come along with Christ during the end of times. The New Testament and the Qur’an both associate the second coming of Christ with the end of the world and the destruction of Earth. During the first decades of Christianity, Christians preached that the end is near, yet two millenniums have passed! Over 1,400 years ago, the Qur’an also preached that the end is near. Events from the past had shown that expectations are one thing and reality is another. Who is to say what “near” means in Spiritual terms?

As the Dark Ages came to a close, the world witnessed the age of Renaissance, where literature, philosophy, art, music, and architecture flourished. At the same time, major scientific discoveries paved the way for the Industrial Revolution and placed science and religion on a collision course ever since. No one could ever forget the horrific treatment of Galileo by the Catholic Church and the horrific crimes committed against humanity during the Spanish Inquisition. In the late 19th century and early 20th century, the inventions of Thomas Edison played a fundamental role in the advancement of scientific knowledge and scientific discoveries mushroomed. In 1901, Marconi transmitted telegraphic messages ushering the way for long distance communications. In 1903, the Wright brothers took their first flight. In 1905, Einstein introduced the Special Theory of Relativity and proceeded with the development of the General Theory of Relativity. In 1907, Lumiere developed color photography. In 1908, Ford produced the first model T automobile. In 1910, Marie Curie finished her “Treatise on Radiography.” No time period in the known history of the world would even come close to what the 20th century delivered in terms of scientific achievements—that provided enlightenment and at the same time drew the world closer to total annihilation. The second coming of Christ came at a crucial time for humanity, not only to affirm scientific discovery, but also to frame such a discovery in a Spiritual context. His descent to Earth was also to warn of the impending danger from annihilation unless humanity embraces: love and virtue over envy, greed and immorality; brotherhood of man over exploitation and injustice; and Spirituality over materialistic tendencies. So it was that on June 1, 1909, an immigrant Christian couple to the Holy Land, gave birth to Saleem Moussa El-Ashi, who grew up to be Dr. Dahesh, our Beloved and Guiding Prophet, the returning Christ, and the gift of Heavens to humanity.

During the childhood and youth periods of our Beloved Prophet, the popularity of Gibran Kahlil Gibran was growing in the United States and abroad. Kahlil Gibran is considered by Daheshists to be the forerunner to Dr. Dahesh—in the same fashion John the Babtist, who is the reincarnation of the Prophet Elijah, was the forerunner to Jesus. Kahlil Gibran published Spirits Rebellious in 1909; The Madman in 1918; The Prophet in 1923; and Jesus, The Son of Man in 1928. He died on April 10, 1931. Our Beloved Prophet died on April 9, 1984, a day shy of the 53rd anniversary of Kahlil Gibran’s death. Dr. Dahesh was only 21 years of age at the time of Gibran’s death and the two never met in person. Our Beloved, at the time, was extremely moved by Gibran’s writings. In his book, Secrets of the Gods, our Beloved speaks highly of Gibran and his writings and calls him “my brother” in one of his poems. Why shouldn’t he, for Gibran is known to some Daheshists, to have had certain Sayyals extended to him from Christ.

Dr. Dahesh grew up at a time when the entire world was in turmoil. WWI was a horrific war where millions upon millions died, massive populations uprooted or became homeless, and many great cities were devastated. Such were the conditions that he lived under during the first few years of his life. Soon after, his father died and he was placed in an orphanage for a short period of time, where he received only a few months worth of education. He never formally attended school, however, his writings filled over 100 books. In 1930, he took residence in Lebanon and on
March 23, 1942 Daheshism was declared and attracted an intellectually diverse group of individuals. Daheshism appeared at a time when the world was engulfed by WWII—a war that exceeded its predecessor in magnitude and ferocity and ended with the total annihilation of the cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. In the beginning of 1946, Dr. Dahesh wrote his book Memoirs of a Dinar, through which he foretells the annihilation of Earth by means of nuclear weapons. As to when such a moment may come, no one knows exactly. We learned through a Spiritual Message that Daheshism must spread first and here is the reference:

“Let it be known to you that the various religions that are present among the nations, have existed for a Spiritual purpose, otherwise, they would not have existed. The Buddhist possesses certain Sayyals, through which, merited being a Buddhist. So too is the Confucian, Muslim, Christian, and so on. Therefore, the diverse religions would not have existed without a purpose and know also that they will also have an end because the crucible of Sayyals will condition the form they must take. At that point, you will find one religion and one faith dominating this entire Earth. Let each one of you be certain that this will take place sooner or later. One may question how this could be knowing that the end of this Earth is near—a timeframe that does not allow the Sayyals to be conditioned and be of the same level to allow this amazing transformation in the souls of human beings? I respond to this person by saying that when the time comes for this life-cycle on Earth to end, whoever becomes a believer and walks the true path—those are of a significant number—will be grouped and will be sent to a world loftier than their last world of continuous suffering. As to those who could not walk this path as their duty dictated them to do, they will be given a different Earth other than this one where the Sun does not shine on them and they no longer see the glittering of the stars.”

This message is very consistent with the Bible and the Qur’an when talking about the Final Days, Day of Judgment, and Day of Gathering. According to the Epistle of Paul to Thessalonians, he wrote: “There is no need to write you, brothers, about the times and occasions when these things will happen. For you yourselves know very well that the Day of the Lord will come as a thief comes at night. When people say, “everything is quiet and safe,” then suddenly destruction will hit them! It will come as suddenly as the pains that come upon a woman in labor, and people will not escape.” 1 Thessalonians (5:1-3) According to the Qur’an: “They ask you about the Hour, when it will strike. Say: “The knowledge thereof is with my Lord; none but He will disclose it at the right time. It will be fateful in the heavens and on earth, and will not come upon you except suddenly.” (Sura Al-A’raf: 187)

Our Beloved had come and gone and now it is our responsibility to carry the torch that he lit for humanity. As we enter the 2nd century since his birth, we can only hope that the following few years expose the world to the Message that our Beloved had suffered for. His Message of love, compassion, and Spiritual enlightenment will become a beacon to the world that guides those who strayed from the path of righteousness. Yes, the Day of the Lord will come, but that doesn’t mean that we should get depressed, give up, or become idle. On the contrary, we should look at the time we have left in this life as an opportunity to make a positive mark on humanity and to Spiritually elevate ourselves. May this blessed day of June 1, 2009, be a turning point in the life of every human being.

A Sad Day!

By Hilda Murad
April 9, 2009

Today Thursday, April 9, 2009, it is a black day for me and the Daheshists of the world, it is a very sad day because our beloved prophet Dr. Dahesh passed away.  On this day on April 9, 1984, we became orphans, for we lost our heavenly and earthly father.  Today, I was thinking how the days and years pass so fast. The current events taking place in Beirut, Lebanon took me back to the good old days, some 34 years ago when Dr. Dahesh used to say Lebanon is a country I would have loved had they listened to my prophecy. Dr. Dahesh recalls the black days of Lebanon and did his best to advocate the unity of religions and save its people by telling its Christians and Muslims and all other religions have to live in harmony under the title “Unity of Religions.” However, they thought that he is insane and dangerous in his preaching and attacked him, put him prison, and tried to kill him.  If the Lebanese people were wise they would have listened to him and tried to understand his philosophy, but instead, they followed blindly their rulers and religious people. This is the result, God sends you a prophet or a messenger to lead you to righteousness and if you choose not to follow his message, then you are responsible and deserve whatever happens to you.

I am an American with an Arab background and my mother is Lebanese. I had to leave Lebanon in the year 1975, when the war was tearing apart that beautiful country. I was always hoping that the situation would get better and I would go back, unfortunately, this did not take place.

The Lebanese people have to dig and read about the black or dark days of Dr. Dahesh, when he was attacked by President Bechara El-Khoury for no reason just because he was calling for the Unity of Religions and people should respect every religion and not fight it.  The Christians that attacked and imprisoned Dr. Dahesh had no religion because if they feared God they wouldn’t have done what they did and misled their own followers.  The Lebanese people should be wise after suffering from the misery of war and the suffering they went through. My advise to them is to look for the truth, go and dig the history of Dr. Dahesh and his philosophy of Unity of Religion and follow it.  This is when Lebanon will change and prosper and God will help the Lebanese people because they have changed and followed the path of righteousness.

When they were mocking Dr. Dahesh in Lebanon, no political figure, no reporter, no professor and no lawyer defended him as a Lebanese, especially when President Bechara El-Khoury deprived him from his nationality and threw him out beyond the borders so that he would be kill. These events took place because the sister in-law of the President, Mrs. Marie Haddad and her family believed in Dr. Dahesh. They put her in jail and then in a mental hospital claiming that she is crazy, while Marie Haddad was writing her memoir and books about Dr. Dahesh and Daheshism and books attacking her sister and her husband Bechara El-Khoury.  History will not forget this act; the Lebanese people from South America were calling for his defense but no one from Lebanon.  The following are some main points of the Daheshism doctrine:

• Virtually all religions deliver the same message. Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and others are similar in their teachings of the word of God; however, organized religion over the centuries had played on social differences to create chasms between them—chasms that promote their own ideology and their financial and political gains.

• Prophets may differ in the delivery of their messages due to cultural, social, or spiritual reasons, however, their message is one and the same. If people practice what they believe, the world would be a better place.

• The Ten commandments are the corner stone of each religion.

• Reincarnation is a vehicle to administer God’s justice.

• Our life on this planet is for a specified duration in order to improve ourselves and elevate our souls. Once we die, we may reincarnate on other worlds throughout the universe.

• The universe is full of inhabited worlds, where some are better than Earth and are called the Worlds of Paradise and some are worse than Earth and are called the Worlds of Hell. Living entities are placed in such worlds depending on their spiritual progression (i.e.; their acts, merits, or accomplishments).

• All of God’s creation follow laws and rules according to their spiritual level. Animals, plants, and inanimate objects have their own system, just as we have our own.

What I have learned from Dr. Dahesh that even a tree had evil and good tendencies and can make it possible or forbid a snake from climbing to a bird’s nest perched on its branches. No matter what decision the tree makes, it will be held accountable for it and will face the appropriate consequences. A car can have good or evil tendencies that may protect its driver or lead him to death. A house can have good or evil tendencies that can affect the behavior of the people living in it. Spiritual entities can descend into this world to perform acts of kindness or discipline. We should never envy people for what they have or how they feel, because they have merited being in this position. God is just and fair and what we plant in this life we cultivate in this life and in other life/lives. Dr. Dahesh told me that after Jesus had healed the man inflicted with paralysis, he ran into him in the Temple and said to him: “Listen, you are well now; so stop sinning or something worse may happen to you.” This is a direct explanation of the relationship between our behavior and what kind of retribution or punishment we experience.

I end this text by saying that the philosophy of Dr. Dahesh is tremendously broad and I am stopping at this point because I just want to put few lines on this sad and dark day, the day we lost our savior Dr. Dahes–an event that coincides this year short by one day with the death of our savior Jesus Christ. They were both messengers of God to guide and save humanity and we should do our best to follow their teachings and messages. Their messages are the same, because Jesus Christ said I did not come to abolish former religions but to add to them.