April 9, 1984

Spring is upon us after a difficult winter season! Signs of rebirth and beauty are all around us. It is a reminder that no matter how difficult things can get, there will come a day when these difficulties will subside. Throughout history, acts of aggression and oppression do last a while, but sooner or later, they will disappear. Just look at the evil of slavery, or the tyrannical rule of the Soviet Union. It is with this hope that I look at the departure of…

YKS on the 73rd Anniversary of Daheshism

The 23rd of March 2015 marks the 73rd anniversary of the birth of our heavenly mission, Daheshism. To us it’s the light of the world, the heavenly flower that nourishes our hearts; souls inscribing words of light with each pulse in our spiritual fluids. May God protect us and his mission forever and ever. Amen. YKS

What Dr. Ghazi Brax Meant to Me!

Dr. Ghazi Brax passed away on December 28, 2014, after 2 years and 1 month from the passing away of his soulmate and wife, Najwa Salam Brax, and 30 years from the departure of our Beloved and Guiding Prophet, Dr. Dahesh. Our Beloved Dr. Dahesh once wrote: “Life is like a flash, it strikes and then gone.” It is very difficult to believe that time had passed by so quickly! It wasn’t long that I was living the spring days of my life, and now…

The Passing of Two Great Daheshists

Ghazi Fouad Brax, a great Daheshist and one of the pillars of Daheshism,  passed away this day after exactly 2 years and 1 month from the passing of his beloved wife, Najwa Salam Brax. May both live an eternal life of happiness and bliss and may God elevate their Spiritual rank. I will shortly publish some of my experiences with this great Daheshist. Mounir Murad December 28, 2014

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Daheshism on its 72nd Anniversary

March 23rd is the 72nd anniversary of the birth of Daheshism.

It is a message of Spiritual enlightenment, hope, and love.

A message that is so amazing, that it can change the fate of the human race and every living creature on earth.

Daheshism is an elixir that can remedy what ails humanity.

It can enhance our Spiritual knowledge by shedding light on our link to this vast universe and our origin.

It shatters all beliefs that negate the existence of a Creator and reinforces all others with new Spiritual knowledge.

It sets for us a solid foundation to build our lives on governed by decency, compassion, love, respect, and lofty aspirations.


Daheshism is the best-kept secret in life.

Its tenets are locked safely within the chests of a few, who were privileged to receive them from the Great Conveyor and are grateful to receive such a wonderful gift.

However, possessing such Spiritual knowledge without sharing it with others is contrary …

The Storm of Horrors

Written by Youssef Kabalan Salameh

The plane was flying us over the Pacific Ocean, and the wind caused by a devastating hurricane attracted it towards it little by little. The passengers watched that hurricane as
it was approaching them like a strong demonic octopus, where it is impossible for any submarine to get away from it, if it is destined to fall into its deadly clutches. The pilot has made all his
might in an effort to maintain the balance of the plane and escape from the control of the devastating cyclone, but to no avail. The waves of the sea were so high that made the viewer feel that the
plane was flying over the Alps and valleys. It is really an infernal view.

The plane was falling slowly in spite of the strong resistance made by the expert pilot to avoid the risk of crashing and sinking. However, he managed to not make the plane come down suddenly. Once
the plane approached from the high waves, it was smitten as if by a mighty whip, and then crashed helter-skelter. Suddenly the passengers found themselves mired …