Daheshism on its 72nd Anniversary

March 23rd is the 72nd anniversary of
the birth of Daheshism.

It is a message of Spiritual enlightenment, hope, and love.

A message that is so amazing, that it can change the fate of
the human race and every living creature on earth.

Daheshism is an elixir that can remedy what ails humanity.

It can enhance our Spiritual knowledge by shedding light on
our link to this vast universe and our origin.

It shatters all beliefs that negate the existence of a
Creator and reinforces all others with new Spiritual knowledge.

It sets for us a solid foundation to build our lives on governed
by decency, compassion, love, respect, and lofty aspirations.


Daheshism is the best-kept secret in life.

Its tenets are locked safely within the chests of a few, who
were privileged to receive them from the Great Conveyor and are grateful to
receive such a wonderful gift.

However, possessing such Spiritual knowledge without sharing
it with others is contrary to the will of our Beloved and Guiding Prophet, who
lived his entire life for this sole purpose.

What good does it do for those individuals if what quenched
their thirst is not passed on to quench the thirst of others?

Sadly, Daheshism has not been given yet a proper platform to
reveal itself to humanity!

Sooner or later, this best-kept secret will be revealed to
the masses!

It is my hope that this anniversary marks the beginning!

Mounir Murad

March 23, 2014