“Whichever one of you has committed no sin may throw the first stone at her.”

Then he bent over again and wrote on the ground. When they heard this, they all left, one by one, the older ones first. Jesus was left alone, with the woman still standing there. He straightened up and said to her, “Where are they? Is there no one left to condemn you?” “No one, sir,” she answered. “Well then, Jesus said, “I do not condemn you either. Go, but do not sin again.” (John 8:7-11) Those were the words of Lord Christ 2,000 years ago!…

Elation and Struggle

Imagine, if you will, an individual from the highest levels of society, living in the most beautiful structure, where everything is abundant and enjoying the best that life has to offer in education, science, fine arts, human comfort, and freedom! Then all of a sudden, this individual finds himself in the worst slum ever, where poverty, disease, sadness, illiteracy, injustice and crime are the norm! It would be a shock that is hard to deal with accompanied by sadness that is hard to comprehend. Imagine…

Beauty, Darkness, and Light

Beauty: March 21, 2016, the first day of spring! Finally, it is here and brings with it the awakening of nature from its winter slumber! There are signs of rebirth all over the place. Daffodils and tulips are already wearing their most beautiful garments. Their colors dazzle the eyes…the birds are happy and singing songs of joy and the return of warmth…there is so much happiness in the hearts and minds… Darkness: March 22, 2016, the festival of spring is interrupted by the appearance of…

In Memoriam

By Youssef Salameh The 28th of December marks the first anniversary of the passing away of our beloved brother Dr. Ghazi Brax. Dr. Brax, the pillar of Daheshism, is a shining star in our hearts that fills them with heavenly wisdom and poured in our souls with everlasting melodic echoes. A man of faith who never knew surrender, but traced the path of heaven with words of light, in the Light of our guiding beloved prophet, namely, Dr. Dahesh, the cornerstone of our heavenly faith–a…

Has Conscience Died?

The downing last week of a Russian passenger jetliner over Sinai, the suicide bombings two days ago in Beirut, and the attacks in Paris yesterday inside packed theater, stadium, and restaurant, reinforces the idea that humanity is threatened by a reemergence of barbarism in its ugliest form. How could human beings be so cruel and not think of the sanctity of life bestowed on us by a just and loving Creator? How could they believe that they are mandated by God to force others in…

Persecution of the Founder of Daheshism

About 2000 year ago, Jesus Christ was persecuted for preaching righteousness, love, and the belief in God. His persecutors were King Herod, the Jewish clergy and people, and Pilate Pontius. The story of his persecution continues to be told to this day and is passed on from one generation to the next. To Daheshists, the persecution of our Beloved and Guiding Prophet, is no less significant or severe, for on August 28, 1944, the founder of Daheshism was persecuted by a tyrant Lebanese president—who possessed…

The Heavenly Plan of Salvation (God is with us)

By YKS Daheshism, a message of brotherly love and celestial peace, was destined by God to be launched on planet earth to give life to the sinners; and as apostle Paul said: (Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners—of whom I am the worst) 1Timothy 1:15-16 Dr. Dahesh, our Guiding and Beloved Prophet, was chosen by God Almighty, and according to the prophecies in the holy scriptures, he is our salvation; his teachings are considered as unique teachings that could liberate the mind. Due to…

Daheshism Against Extremist Religious Political Movements

By YSL Daheshism is a message of hope peace and above all brotherly love. It’s a heavenly message that stood against religious and political extremism, defying all teachings that try to plant its seed in the innocent minds of the pure hearted believers in God everywhere in the world, raising their faith, and demolishing all chains of religious, gender, racial, and political discrimination. It’s a great, honor, and pleasure for us, as Daheshists, to spread the teachings of this glorified heavenly message; Daheshism, in a…

June 1, 2015

Each year, on June 1st, Daheshists throughout the globe celebrate the birth of our Beloved and Guiding Prophet. It is on this day in 1909 that Heavens sent its Son to guide humanity. 35 years ago, our Beloved Dr. Dahesh was in Beirut and this photo was taken during this occasion:                                                                       Dr. Dahesh on June 1, 1980 May this June 1st be the start of a new chapter for humanity filled with love, respect, and the return to basic moral values prescribed by all…

April 9, 1984

Spring is upon us after a difficult winter season! Signs of rebirth and beauty are all around us. It is a reminder that no matter how difficult things can get, there will come a day when these difficulties will subside. Throughout history, acts of aggression and oppression do last a while, but sooner or later, they will disappear. Just look at the evil of slavery, or the tyrannical rule of the Soviet Union. It is with this hope that I look at the departure of…

YKS on the 73rd Anniversary of Daheshism

The 23rd of March 2015 marks the 73rd anniversary of the birth of our heavenly mission, Daheshism. To us it’s the light of the world, the heavenly flower that nourishes our hearts; souls inscribing words of light with each pulse in our spiritual fluids. May God protect us and his mission forever and ever. Amen. YKS

What Dr. Ghazi Brax Meant to Me!

Dr. Ghazi Brax passed away on December 28, 2014, after 2 years and 1 month from the passing away of his soulmate and wife, Najwa Salam Brax, and 30 years from the departure of our Beloved and Guiding Prophet, Dr. Dahesh. Our Beloved Dr. Dahesh once wrote: “Life is like a flash, it strikes and then gone.” It is very difficult to believe that time had passed by so quickly! It wasn’t long that I was living the spring days of my life, and now…

The Passing of Two Great Daheshists

Ghazi Fouad Brax, a great Daheshist and one of the pillars of Daheshism,  passed away this day after exactly 2 years and 1 month from the passing of his beloved wife, Najwa Salam Brax. May both live an eternal life of happiness and bliss and may God elevate their Spiritual rank. I will shortly publish some of my experiences with this great Daheshist. Mounir Murad December 28, 2014

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Daheshism on its 72nd Anniversary

March 23rd is the 72nd anniversary of the birth of Daheshism.

It is a message of Spiritual enlightenment, hope, and love.

A message that is so amazing, that it can change the fate of the human race and every living creature on earth.

Daheshism is an elixir that can remedy what ails humanity.

It can enhance our Spiritual knowledge by shedding light on our link to this vast universe and our origin.

It shatters all beliefs that negate the existence of a Creator and reinforces all others with new Spiritual knowledge.

It sets for us a solid foundation to build our lives on governed by decency, compassion, love, respect, and lofty aspirations.


Daheshism is the best-kept secret in life.

Its tenets are locked safely within the chests of a few, who were privileged to receive them from the Great Conveyor and are grateful to receive such a wonderful gift.

However, possessing such Spiritual knowledge without sharing it with others is contrary …

The Storm of Horrors

Written by Youssef Kabalan Salameh

The plane was flying us over the Pacific Ocean, and the wind caused by a devastating hurricane attracted it towards it little by little. The passengers watched that hurricane as
it was approaching them like a strong demonic octopus, where it is impossible for any submarine to get away from it, if it is destined to fall into its deadly clutches. The pilot has made all his
might in an effort to maintain the balance of the plane and escape from the control of the devastating cyclone, but to no avail. The waves of the sea were so high that made the viewer feel that the
plane was flying over the Alps and valleys. It is really an infernal view.

The plane was falling slowly in spite of the strong resistance made by the expert pilot to avoid the risk of crashing and sinking. However, he managed to not make the plane come down suddenly. Once
the plane approached from the high waves, it was smitten as if by a mighty whip, and then crashed helter-skelter. Suddenly the passengers found themselves mired …

Dr. Dahesh

By Y. S. Dr. Dahesh, The beloved guide, left a great and unparalleled spiritual legacy which is backed by concrete proofs, in which every person who works and believes in it shall obtain spiritual salvation. The beloved guide (Dr. Dahesh) was known as the, top persecuted, for what bestowed him of psychological and physical torment, where pens are unable to detail its events and rocks would be crushed due to its massiveness. But he defeated it all by the power of God Almighty, passing all…

Dawn of a New Era

In a few days, the Christian world will celebrate Easter—a holiday signifying the rise of Lord Christ from the dead, three days after his capture, torture, and crucifixion.
His ordeal is a story of faith, love, sacrifice, redemption, and humility. It is also a story of a loving God that has continuously sent his prophets, messengers, and guides to enlighten and guide
humanity. A day or so ago, spring commenced in the northern hemisphere, ushering in the rebirth of nature and the return of beauty, warmth, and color. Also, on March 23, Daheshists throughout the
world will celebrate the birth of Daheshism—a Spiritual Holy Mission that descended on earth on March 23, 1942, ushering in a dawn of a new era.


Daheshism is a glitter of light and hope to guide humanity through a very difficult period, where many individuals had abandoned the belief in a Creator in favor of an
evolutionary process, yet not a single individual is able to explain the creation of something from nothing in direct violation of the laws of physics. If …

A New Year!

2013 is upon us. It brings with it countless possibilities deemed constructive, destructive, or innocuous for the world, country, the Daheshist Mission, and myself. With all things being relative, it
is unlikely that we view these possibilities the same way. What is deemed constructive in my view may be looked at as destructive or innocuous in someone else’s view and vice versa. Nonetheless, I
have hopes and reservations for the New Year.

Will the people of the world:

Refrain from violence in all of its colors?

Protect the human rights of individuals of all races?

Respect the religious freedom of all creeds?

Promote the brotherhood of mankind?

Pollute less and repair the damages inflicted on nature?

Open their hearts and minds to end territorial, political, and dogmatic disputes?

Help each other in the aftermath of natural or human-inflicted disasters?


Will the people of our great nation:

Realize that true citizenry comes from love, hope, and respect?

Set aside long-held biases and stereotypes?

Be humble, yet compassionate and resolved?

Remembering the Plight of our Beloved Prophet

Excerpts taken from an article published in Dahesh Voice magazine, Vol. 2, No. 4, 1997.

By: Dr. Ghazi Brax

The founder of Daheshism was one of the few that contributed throughout history in documenting the living saga of freedom. It was because of freedom that he faced persecution by the Lebanese
government during a period when an oppressive regime reined on the country. Bechara el-Khoury (the Lebanese President at the time, 1943-1952) and his evil accomplices from the clergy and citizens,
conspired against Dr. Dahesh in order to force him to abandon his activities of promoting a Spiritual Message that calls for the unity of religions. They tried to muzzle him and to illegalize his
activities by unsuccessfully attempting to pass a law in the Parliament. Alternately, they resorted to bribing most journalists who, in turn, attacked Dr. Dahesh and fabricated lies about him in
order to defame him and in doing so, to drive people away from him—especially the intellectuals who flocked to Dr. Dahesh after they have had enough lies and deception from some religious
authorities. They also denied him and his …

On the 103rd Birthday Anniversary of Our Beloved

It was June 1st, 1909, when our Beloved descended from his Paradisiacal World to our evil-laden Earth in order to enlighten humanity and to direct
mankind towards justice, freedom, love, and righteousness. To us, it was a glorious day and God’s gift to humanity, however, to our Beloved, it meant years and years of agony, pain, and
suffering by living a human life that is way too foreign from the life he was living in his Paradisiacal abode, nonetheless, he had a Mission to deliver and, as a result, he had to

His descent was anticipated and prophesied in the Holy Bible and the Holy Qur’an. His message is that of love, compassion, and Spiritual enlightenment—characteristic of the Greatest Power in the
universe before God, namely, that of Christ. But his message is also a warning of the impending destruction of the earth to fulfill certain prophecies, such as this one: “The Lord is going to
devastate the earth and leave it desolate. He will twist …

When I Depart From You

Our Beloved and Guiding Prophet passed away on April 9, 1984. While he was alive, he had instructed Daheshists in writing to recite
eight items during his interment, beginning with a prayer and then followed by seven expressive pieces in a specific order. The following piece is the third:

When I depart from you

When distance places a formidable obstacle between you and myself, and I am no longer visible to your eyes—eyes that long to see my familiar face.

When you are urged by a strong longing to meet with me, the way we used to meet, at that point, remember what I used to tell you, bring my image closer to your thoughts, and rest assured that
your wish is the same as my wish and that it was the only reason for my living.

That’s because I love you so much! Love you so much!

When you are ascertained that I was lashed, slapped, insulted, and driven by the lashers while being insulted, cussed, and then thrown in a horrific and scary prison, where …

Daheshism Celebrates its 70th Anniversary

On March 23, 1942, Heavens provided humanity with the most precious of gifts, namely, Spiritual enlightenment. Spiritually speaking, it is akin to the end of
the dark ages and the beginning of renaissance. Is this metaphor an exaggeration? On the contrary, it is a grave understatement. The last of the major religions to provide us with Spiritual
truths was established in the 7th Century AD. Take time to ponder the behavior of people and you’ll notice that there are many individuals who are interpreting literally their holy
books, and if it is up to them, they will institute draconian laws to regulate everyone’s life; some still believe that Creation took place less than 10,000 years ago and regardless of what
science says; some individuals are so turned-off by religion that they have resorted to Atheism; then there are those who have gone to extremes by extrapolating and fabricating “truths” to suit
their needs, thereby creating their own …

Why Daheshists Celebrate June 1st?

Daheshists throughout the globe celebrate every year on June 1st. It is the birthday anniversary of our Beloved and Guiding Prophet. For those who are not familiar with Dr. Dahesh and what
he represents, I will present them with a small excerpt taken from the inspired book “Memoirs of Jesus of Nazareth.” After reading this excerpt, there will be
little doubt in their mind as to the identity of Dr. Dahesh from the Daheshist point of view:

The Departure of Christ

From “Memoirs of Jesus of Nazareth

By Dr. Dahesh


O city of Nazareth! I will return to you after so many years.

I will return to you, however, you will reject me again.

I will return to you when it is time to reveal the truth.

I will return to you, however, you will be drowning in sins.

Then you will not listen to me, as you are not listening to me now!

O city of Nazareth! Woe to you if you continue with your oppression and recklessness!

When my …

April 9, 1984

It was a great beautiful day!

The day the Soul of our Beloved Prophet was liberated.

After almost 75 years of imprisonment

Served in the prison of the human form!


It was a horrible day!

The day we lost our mentor and Celestial Guide.

After years of being in our midst,

Most took him for granted and few appreciated his sacrifices!


He returned to his paradisiacal abode,

To enjoy the beautiful creations of the Almighty!

Living in harmony among his peers,

In a place that can truly be called divine!


We are left here on earth for a while,

To pay penance for our transgressions!

Living in a state of constant struggle,

And witnessing the cruelty of man!


Our Beloved was relentless, exact, and determined

In setting the stage for us and for humanity

To benefit our Souls from his Divine Message,

And leaving future generations a path to salvation!


We are lazy, arrogant, and selfish!


There is a form of Darkness that hangs over the Earth! A darkness that cannot be lifted even by the intensity of a thousand suns, because this is not a physical darkness, rather, it is the darkness
of the human soul. The archrival of this darkness is the Divine Light emanating from the Spiritual Realm that seeks it and mandates its destruction.

In 1942, darkness peaked at a time when human hatred and greed ran amok. Brutality drove millions to their deathbeds, civilizations lost their civility, religious groups failed miserably in
controlling their followers, and cries of the wretched reached the heavens.

Such was the backdrop when Divine Light shone upon us on March 23, 1942 to announce its presence and to warn the human soul: either submit to the commands of the Creator and enjoy His eternal
bliss or sink deeper into the abyss of darkness! The announcement already reached a select few, but has yet to spread globally pending the completion of the delivery vehicle—The Daheshist Faith as
explained in the Book of Daheshism.

The Divine Light seeks the illumination of our souls at a time when humanity …

Essays Inspired By Daheshist Teachings

Book Relase: A new book titled Essays Inspired By Daheshist Teachings by the late brother in Daheshism, Mr. Salim Onbargi, has been added to the main Daheshism.com Website. The book Essays Inspired By Daheshist Teachings can also be viewed here in PDF Format.

The Prison Sentence

My soul was sentenced and imprisoned!

Not by any human court or justice system,

Rather, by a Just Order of Divine Justice.


My crime or multiple crimes and transgressions

Are unknown to me, yet my presence in this life,

Is proof positive of my unadulterated guilt.


I live my life surrounded by others of varied transgressions,

Yet, God only knows what theirs are!

I dare not stipulate, because that would be like “casting the first stone.”


We are all oblivious to our true reality!

To some, our life situations are attributed to luck and to others, it is fate!

Yet some may even venture to label them as strictly random occurrences.


The truth of the matter, we are all serving prison sentences,

And our only way out is to fully serve them.

There are no shortcuts or easy exits!


A served sentence severs our soul from our human form,

Where it stands anew to further retributions and rewards.

No deed is forgotten or ignored! Yet the sentence …

Dr. Dahesh: Our Beloved and Guiding Prophet

Disobedience of God’s command brought about the fall of many angels, who, as a consequence, descended to the earthly paradise in the form of Adam—humanity’s greatest patriarch. Despite their
disobedience, God’s love and mercy did not leave them without guidance and providing them with a path to return to the lofty Paradises that they descended from. It follows that the Lofty
20th Spiritual Sayyal (Spiritual Fluid) volunteered to redeem the fallen angels by being within Adam. After the fall of Adam and Eve from the earthly paradise, God’s love and mercy
continued over the millennia through a multitude of Prophets, Messengers, and Spiritual Guides—all emanating from the Divine Christ Power. The 20th Spiritual Sayyal was also present within
Jesus of Nazareth and Dr. Dahesh, our Beloved and Guiding Prophet.

Words are incapable of describing the extent of the sacrifices made by all manifestations of the Christ Power, for many were oppressed, tortured, imprisoned, ridiculed, and killed. The persecution
of Lord Christ and the crucifixion of his Personality, as well as, the persecution of Dr. Dahesh and the execution of his Personality are classic examples. What impact did Lord Christ’s teachings and
crucifixion …

Liberation of Dr. Dahesh’s Soul

Commemorating the 26th Anniversary of His Departure

As I live among fellow human beings, I ponder over their physical, cultural, behavioral, and intellectual diversity as well as all the contradictions that are associated within them. I see the
extremes and all shades in the middle between the rich and poor; healthy and sick; young and old; good and evil; generous and stingy; happy and sad; reserved and permissive; moral and immoral;
intelligent and dumb; playful and stern; religious and atheist; gentle and harsh; kind and abusive…My pondering leads me to the ultimate question: What does it all mean?

To Daheshists, there is only one answer: Being one with the Creator. One may wonder, how human diversity and all the contradictions lead to being one with the Creator? According to Daheshist
ideology, the entire physical universe is comprised of 150 levels of infernal worlds and 150 levels of lofty worlds. Each level is made up of countless environments where life can form, such as the
case for all living entities on Earth. The two extremes represent the furthest from and the closest to the Glory of God, and …

Daheshism Turns 68

Over three millennia had passed since Moses presented us with the Ten Commandments and the most basic of laws to live righteously and that form
the basis of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Two millennia had passed since Lord Christ preached to us about humility, compassion, and love. A millennium and a half had passed since the Prophet
Muhammad turned the pagans of the Arabian Peninsula into God fearing people. Three Prophets of God who are descendants of the Prophet Abraham had laid down the ground rules for proper human
behavior and provided us with a wealth of information about our existence. One may think that followers of these religions would recognize the lineage and would respect each other. Instead, each
religion fractured and in addition to intra-faith fighting, interfaith fighting continues to this day.


Since the times of Moses and to this day, humanity endured the most horrific acts of violence—all in the name of religion. In reality, no religion would sanction such behavior.
From the late 19th Century and to …

Who is the Rightful Successor of Dr. Dahesh?

An essay on the “Rightful Successor of Dr. Dahesh” has been posted on our main website http:/www.daheshism.com
The following is a quick introduction:

After the departure of our Beloved Prophet from this world on April 9, 1984, many Daheshists and non-Daheshists alike, wondered about who is his rightful successor. Some Daheshists held the position
that since Dr. Dahesh entrusted the copyrights to his books and his art and book collections to a prominent Daheshist family then the head of that family must be his rightful successor and
subsequently her offspring. Unfortunately, such a deduction cannot be further away from the truth! Individuals with such reasoning cannot be blamed though, because they have no knowledge of the
actual wishes and commands of our Beloved Prophet and those of the Divine Spirit.

Read this entire posting here as a PDF by clicking on the following link: http://www.daheshism.com/Who is the
Rightful Successor.pdf

Persecution of the Founder of Daheshism

About 2000 year ago, Jesus Christ was persecuted for preaching righteousness, love, and the belief in God. His persecutors were King Herod, the Jewish clergy and people, and Pilate Pontius. The story of his persecution continues to be told to this day and is passed on from one generation to the next. To Daheshists, the persecution of our Beloved and Guiding Prophet, is no less significant or severe, for on August 28, 1944, the founder of Daheshism was persecuted by a tyrant Lebanese president—who possessed Sayyals [Spiritual Fluids] from both, King Herod and Pilate Pontius—and the story of this persecution will also be told from one generation to the next.

In his inspired book “Strange Stories and Wonderful Tales,” our Beloved Prophet wrote a story titled “A Dialogue Between Four Candles.” Even though the story may seem to the reader as a work of fiction, however, the storyteller, speaking through a candle, tells the factual details of his own persecution and its consequences for Lebanon and the Lebanese people—consequences that led to an all out civil war that began on April 13, 1975 and the remnants of this civil war continue to be felt and develop up to this day.

A Dialogue …

Air Whispers!

I made a visit to Mount Vernon, home of one of our Nation’s Founding Fathers, where my footsteps retraced, along with those of millions of visitors, over the footsteps of this great man. As I passed by his tomb, the air whispered in my ears in a proud tone: You may have retraced his footsteps, but it was I who carried the tone of his voice to the soldiers he commanded in pursuit of liberty and witnessed his setbacks as well as his greatest victories…

On Our Beloved and Guiding Prophet’s 1st Birthday Centennial

By Mounir Murad

What we perceive to be the “Truth” is in reality no more than a few slivers of light emanating from a bright star. Our knowledge, despite the rapid advancement in science, is at the kindergarten level—if that—when compared with the knowledge of the Lofty Worlds of this vast universe and that of any other universe(s). Even if we are able to travel at the speed of light, space exploration will remain limited to those stars that are reachable in our lifespan, such as Proxima Centauri Alpha, which is about 4.3 light years away from Earth. To travel across our galaxy would take 90,000 light years. To cross to the nearest galaxy would take 3,000,000 light years. Our universe contains about 125,000,000,000 galaxies, let alone any parallel universe(s). To say we are a grain of sand on the beach or a drop of water in an ocean would not be an overstatement. All that I just mentioned is true when viewed through the eyes of human beings using our understanding of the laws of physics. What if there are more advanced entities in the universe that travel vast distances in a nonlinear fashion by bending the space-time continuum? What …

My June 1st Message

By Hilda Murad

June 1st, 2009 is the birthday centennial of Dr. Dahesh and Daheshists throughout the world will celebrate on this occasion. Although our Beloved and Guiding Prophet had passed away on April 9, 1984, he is alive in our hearts and we believe that he is watching us and looking after us from his Lofty World. His soul, as with all other souls, will never seize to exist. He is in a Celestial World, where I am sure other Prophets, angels, and elevated souls are also celebrating on this occasion.

His departure from us was a big loss to Daheshists and to humanity. I am consoled by the vivid memories of the years I spent with him.  The beginning of June is a lovely time of the year when most flowers have bloomed and the fruits are ripe or about to become so. I remember well the delicious fruits of Lebanon at this time of the year—especially the figs, berries, huge strawberries, apricots, grapes, watermelons, and many other types. Daheshists used to celebrate the birthday of our Beloved and Guiding Prophet in a huge hall at the Mission’s mansion, where poets, writers, doctors, lawyers and working people gather. The poets …

The Worlds of Paradise Glorify the Birth of Our Beloved and Guiding Prophet

June 1st marks the birthday of our Beloved and Guiding Prophet. This year we celebrate his centennial birthday, for it was on June 1, 1909 that he descended to earth in a human form in order to deliver a Divine Message to the world, namely Daheshism. About two thousand years prior, the birth of Jesus took place and his birth is shrouded in mystery up to this date. Here is a brief recount of the birth narrative according to the Gospel of Matthew:

“Jesus was born in the town of Bethlehem in Judea, during the time when Herod was king. Soon afterward, some men who studied the stars came from the East to Jerusalem and asked, “Where is the baby born to the king of the Jews? We saw his star when it came up in the east, and we have come to worship him.” When King Herod heard about this, he was very upset, and so was everyone else in Jerusalem. He called together all the chief priests and the teachers of the Law and asked them, “Where will the Messiah be born?” In the town of Bethlehem in Judea,” they answered. “For this is what the Prophet wrote: ‘Bethlehem …

A Sad Day!

By Hilda MuradApril 9, 2009 Today Thursday, April 9, 2009, it is a black day for me and the Daheshists of the world, it is a very sad day because our beloved prophet Dr. Dahesh passed away.  On this day on April 9, 1984, we became orphans, for we lost our heavenly and earthly father.  Today, I was thinking how the days and years pass so fast. The current events taking place in Beirut, Lebanon took me back to the good old days, some 34…

In Remembrance!

The 25th Commemoration Mounir MuradApril 9, 2009 It was on this day, April 9, 1984 that Our Beloved and Guiding Prophet completed his mission of presenting humanity with the divine gift of Daheshism. It was a very difficult mission, however, the difficulties did not stop him from delivering his message with courage, determination, and confidence. He lived a life full of anguish from those who persecuted him and who attempted to derail his efforts; from the overall behavior of humanity; and from the behavior of…

City of Messengers and Prophets

On April 9th, 1984, our Beloved and Guiding Prophet departed from this world and his remains were laid to rest on April 12th, 1984. Exactly 10 years prior, he wrote an inspired poem describing his Soul’s journey to the City of Messengers and Prophets. The poem concludes with a return to this City after his time on earth comes to a close. On this day, our Beloved, we remember the times we spent with you and remind ourselves that you were a Prophet of God…

I Shall Sing

On March 23 of each year, Daheshists throughout the world celebrate the birth of Daheshism. It was on this day in 1942 that the Daheshist Mission was proclaimed. On this day, we honor our Beloved and Guiding Prophet by presenting to the reader one of his writings titled “I Shall Sing.” It is a good reminder to all of us that Daheshism was his main joy and purpose in life and that we need to do our utmost in order to make his wishes closer to coming true.

I Shall Sing

When the prominence of the Daheshist Religion grows strong in the United States…I shall sing!

When its branches spread extensively throughout the States imbedding themselves into the hearts of their citizens…I shall sing!

When it extends beyond America to all countries, crossing capitals, and conquering unexplored regions and cities…I shall sing!

When its foundations are strengthened and become deeply rooted—like towering mountains…I shall sing!

When Daheshist temples are built and within them spiritual supplications are raised…I shall sing!

When the flute is played in submissiveness to the Creator of the worlds, galaxies, nebulas and planets…I shall sing!

When the hands of believers draw in humility the flames of their Holy “Ramz” closer to their faces…I shall sing!

Yes, …